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#Poetsofekya -P H O T O G R A P H

Her hands through my hair,  Weaving through strands of gold,  Formed an intricate pattern, only she could bear.  Ridding me of all my insecurity,  Only she knew how to make me feel pretty. All the ice creams and candies after...

/ December 4, 2020

#PoetsOfEkya – When life took me by surprise

I remember the times, I used to feel, Life is always going to be, Lived this freely. But then came a Virus, To prove me wrong, For months, we got shut in our homes, During “the great lockdown”. Never did...

/ October 7, 2020

#PoetsAtEkya: Nature and Human

Mixing five classic elements, different in feature, God prepared a dish and named it nature. He decorated it up from north pole to south pole, Filled it with life, and blessed it with a soul. The soul was named human...

/ October 1, 2020

#PoetsAtEkya: It’s not about me

I work tirelessly day and night For freedom i will fight I put others ahead of me My country, it will be free If it is war i will go I will and i must move against my foe If...

/ October 1, 2020

Poets@Ekya: कभी न सोचा था

 “कभी न सोचा था” कभी न सोचा था ऑनलाइन पढ़ाऊँगी, मुस्कुराते बच्चों से इतना दूर हो जाऊँगी, कभी न सोचा था ऑनलाइन पढ़ाऊँगी। चाॅक-डस्टर छोड़कर कंप्यूटर में सिमट जाऊँगी, उड़ते पंछी छोड़कर पीपीटी दिखाऊँगी,  कभी न सोचा था ऑनलाइन पढ़ाऊँगी।...

/ September 24, 2020

#PoetsOfEkya: An Ode to My Teacher

Online teaching is not always easy, Online teaching is not always fun. Endless hours of planning, To help us in our learning. Happy and cheerful, Cautious and careful. My teachers are the best, They never ever rest. They come to...

/ September 5, 2020

#PoetsAtEkya: What a highway thinks about Coronavirus?

By Prisha Kanoria Grade 4B, Ekya JP Nagar

/ August 10, 2020

PoetsOfEkya: Beyond Compare By Urja Srivastava 

Life would be easy, isn’t it?  If only we had a delete button! And just a crop and edit, And each moment would be perfect! But, I ask you, What’s the fun in perfection? No moment would be as precious,...

/ July 19, 2020

#PoetOfEkya: Just Wonder By Urja Srivastava

Wonder how the world would be, Without my eyes, if I had to see? How would I see the color blue? Green, Red, White, or a Purple hue? The differences how would I know, Dew, hail, mist, fog, or is...

/ July 19, 2020

#PoetsOfEkya: Hypocrisy By Urja Srivastava

HYPOCRISY We talk about, The million things, Wrong, out There in the world. What do we do about it? Absolutely nothing. We talk about how society, Can sometimes confine us, With its tags and labels, And how that’s so frustrating....

/ July 19, 2020