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Shanthi Sivaram / July 19, 2020 Posted by : editor

In the olden days’ mothers staying at home and fathers going out and earning was usually the norm. But there’s a change in the present day. More women and mothers are being encouraged to go out and work to earn and follow their passion. Mothers today are capable of taking care of us and the household, yet go out and follow their dreams, earn and make a name for themselves.

Nowadays there are so many cases of working moms. Moms today have become naturally more ambitious and can take care of the family and yet can get a job and work to earn money. Men are becoming more supportive of women following their dreams and the overall goal of gender equality is being achieved.  

I would take the example of my own mother. With the support of her parents, she has been able to be a great mom and also has a great job as a manager in Infosys and gets a lot of appreciation from clients and superiors. She has not only made a name for herself but also is a great mom who cooks delicious food and is an integral part of my family. 

Just like my mother, there are so many other examples of women overcoming difficulties and becoming successful. In conclusion, we should all support women’s dreams and encourage our own mothers to go out and chase them and try to spread awareness so that people are informed of the 21st century and how things have drastically changed for women.


Rohith Maiyya, Grade 7A

Ekya School – JP Nagar

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Shanthi Sivaram / October 10, 2023

The Truth of Time

The Truth of Time

The mountain tops shiver As the snow begins to shower The water flows to cover The secrets of the river.

The birds trill near the lake As the morning sun awake The lion cub to take The crown for the sake.

The windows patter The things clatter The world scatter As our deeds matter

Isana G K
Grade 7
Ekya Schools, ITPL

Shanthi Sivaram / October 10, 2023

Financial literacy from an early age

It’s Jan 2022, I am in grade 6 as a substitute teacher. I ask the students to introduce themselves. They also get curious to know about me. As soon as I tell them that I am a senior grade teacher and I teach Accounts and Business studies, they are intrigued. The word Business catches their attention and some of them express their interest in Finance.
Now, I was fascinated to hear the word finance from such young children. Particularly fascinated by a young student Ms Ahaana Shetty, who explained how she manages her pocket money, as taught to her by her father. She had a clear understanding of creating a balance between saving and spending.
This was not the case in the earlier times. We can quote examples of celebrities who, despite having earned a fortune, burnt their hands at poor financing decisions. Amitabh Bachan’s ABCL took on more than it could handle, like the Miss World pageant, and exhausted all money. Then it took bank loans which it couldn't repay. Mr. Bachchan had retired, so there was no income and no savings. The moral of the story is, that even if people earn astronomical sums, they need to invest it so that it keeps growing.
Having said that, it boils down to the fact that financial literacy at an early age is pivotal for building a strong foundation for financial well-being throughout life. Teaching children about money, budgeting, savings and investments from a young age will help them make informed financial decisions. They can avoid the financial perils faced commonly by people.
The challenge in educating young children about finance would be the financial jargon which they may find overwhelming and difficult to understand. Hence it becomes important to use age-appropriate terminology.
As parents, we can give a reasonable amount of allowance to our children and ask them to use it wisely for needs, and wants and also save a part of it. This will help them to understand the concept of budgeting. We must also encourage them to make informed purchasing decisions, look for discounts and become a smart shopper.
A simple step like opening a savings bank account for the child and making them understand how a bank account works will introduce them to the importance of keeping money safe. They will understand how regular savings will grow over some time due to the compounding of interest.
Children must be taught about loans too. They need to understand that loans should not be borrowed if one is not sure of financial ability to repay. Also, they need to be taught that loans must be repaid timely, or else they will keep becoming bigger due to accumulating interest.
Older children can be introduced to the concepts of stocks and mutual funds. They can be encouraged to follow investments over time and learn about the dynamics of stock markets.
Schools can introduce financial literacy programs and take initiatives to incorporate financial education as part of the curriculum.
I would like to conclude by saying that it is essential for everyone to be financially literate and wisely invest money to grow it. It is equally important to keep track of investments. One should not spend more than what one earns, even if the earnings are enormous, otherwise, the money will not last very long. Remember, it is your money.

Shanthi Sivaram / October 10, 2023

A Guide To Navigating Academic Stress

Academic pressure and impending board exams can feel like an overwhelming storm, but as a 10th-grade student who's been through the burnout ringer, I've discovered effective strategies to stay afloat. When stress creeps in, I lean on a toolbox of coping mechanisms that help me maintain balance and clarity.

Understanding my panic patterns has been key. I've learnt that giving my all is important, but the outcome isn't a mirror of my worth. I remind myself of this and reframe my perspective. To escape my study-clogged mind, I turn to books – they whisk me away to new worlds, however briefly. Music acts as a soothing balm; I limit panic to 5 minutes and then channel my energy into finding solutions.

Engaging in physical activities is another lifesaver. Running or spending time outdoors channels my pent-up energy, allowing my mind to reset. Moreover, taking up hobbies like painting or playing a musical instrument provides a welcome distraction and cultivates a sense of accomplishment beyond academics.

Remember, you're more than your grades. Embrace your unique strengths, employ these strategies, and watch stress lose its grip. With determination, self-awareness, and a dash of escapism, you'll breeze through the academic whirlwind.

Written By: Ahaana Singhal Student of Grade 10

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#Studentblogger: My experience with Vogue Fashion Designing Club

Hey peeps! Nithya here!  The lockdown really made our lives haywire, didn’t it? With online classes and no fun outdoor activities, our lives actually became bland. Oh! I won't deny that I could sleep some more, but I can't help but say that deep down (very, very deep down, by the way), I felt like I didn't mind waking up early if I could actually go to school, interact with people and. What else? Oh yes! Attending the Saturday clubs in our school! I really enjoyed them a lot.  When I heard that the clubs were going to be conducted online, I became really excited. But let me tell you one thing beforehand; I am a music lover and a huge bookworm (Yeah, you could totally talk about books with me for hours and hours.) But anyway, let's come back to the point (Saw what happens when I talk about books?). I decided to join a club but I didn't know which one to join. Finally, I decided to join: Vogue- Fashion Designing Club. I wanted to experiment with something new and unique (Fashion designing clubs are practically unheard of, aren’t they?) and my decision proved to be an excellent one because the fashion designing club is really awesome. The teachers are very cheerful, warm and, in fact, , much more excited than the students!! But, hey, we are not very far behind either (I mean, who won’t, in such a wonderful club?). In our first session, we learned to draw croquis/ flat sketches. It was interesting and I felt almost like a real fashion designer. The teachers also told us that we have many interesting things in store for us like embroidery, designing a uniform for our school(yes, yes! We will try persuading our school to adopt it!), designer mask making(ha! It’s necessary now) and much more... We will also be making accessories from waste materials. (Don’t blame us if we win the best out of waste competitions!). On the whole, it is a very unique experience and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am really glad that I joined Vogue-(the unique and super exciting)Fashion Designing club! By Nithya Anantharaman Grade 10A, Ekya JP Nagar

#StudentBlogger: For the love of art

Art is something I have always loved! Whenever I feel like, I go to my room and start drawing, painting, doodling, and making crafts. I dream of becoming an artist. During the lockdown, I could not go out to play with my friends or attend any of my sports classes. I was so bored with only color painting and making origami that I was looking for new ideas and saw that there were old newspapers at home. I was checking youtube videos for newspaper crafts. I came across some ideas that I was interested in and started making my own designs. The materials that I used are newspapers, glue guns, old cd’s, glue, fabric paint, and cardboards. I spent most of my lockdown time creating paper models. I had to make a few blueprints before I could make the final design. Since my parents were busy working from home, I created these on my own. I received a lot of appreciation from my relatives and friends. I was so happy; I created my own youtube videos to teach other children (https://youtu.be/5ioxp5hfurE). https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=5ioxp5hfurE&feature=youtu.be There were days I sat till midnight to finish some of the models. Now that I know the newspaper art trick, I am able to make several different designs. I am currently working on a Giant Dragon." By Samarth Vasisht, Grade 4B, Ekya School, JP Nagar

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