Live the Lesson with Ekya

Drawing on the legacy of the CMR Group of Institutions and the innovative, immersive methods of school systems around the world, our schools were instituted with one aim – to teach children not just what to learn, but how to learn. Here, knowing how to learn is a skill in itself, and the key to creating lifelong learners with the means to adapt and thrive in a constantly changing world.

So, welcome to Ekya, the place where we live the lesson. Every single day.

Schools in Bangalore

Our Campuses

We are spread across the city with school branches catering to students from all over Bangalore. Our branches include:

Ekya JP Nagar
Ekya Byrathi
Ekya BTM Layout
Ekya NICE Road
CMR National Public School


Ekya early years

Keeping play and creativity at the center of their lessons, Ekya Early Years program gives young ones extensive opportunities to express themselves, learn through observation and become more self-aware.

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Primary School

The Ekya primary school curriculum is aimed at creating social awareness and all-round development focussing on physical, intellectual, social, emotional and value-based learning experiences

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Middle School

Ekya’s middle school curriculum challenges students to understand and apply learning to the world around them.

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Senior School

Mastery and excellence are the focus of Ekya’s Senior School program for grades 9 to 12. To excel in the outside world, this program attaches great importance to academic quality and intellectual expertise.

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A boy’s stories, transcending borders

An aspiring writer, Class 3 student’s stories are being featured by Singapore journal.

CBSE to promote art-integrated education for engaging learning

To enable students to find meaning through experiential learning, CBSE is promoting art integrated education

Call of the Great Outdoors Beckon Schoolchildren

“Kids cannot get enough of summer camps after a covid hiatus.

How This Nine-Year-Old Developed an App to Check Your Knowledge of Accountancy

An app to tickle an accountant’s brain, “Quiz Me”, was developed by a nine-year-old boy Druva Suresh.

Life at Ekya

At Ekya, we believe that real-life experiences enrich classroom learning. We strongly feel that nothing is beyond the grasp of our students if the right platform is provided. Our after school activities enable the students to be a part of Robotics Programme, MUN Conferences, Theatre, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Sports. Activities like Outbound Learning, Service Learning Program, Work Exposure Programme enable our students to be independent thinkers and problem-solvers.

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Parents Speak

Ms. Pooja

Ekya BTM

"The attention paid to each student is top-notch; the children have loving and understanding teachers. They organize weekly activities, both academics and extracurricular, that brings out togetherness and teamwork among the children. My daughter looks forward to school; such is the environment and culture they’ve built around them."

Mr. Bhavana Kuka

Ekya Byrathi

"Commitment, Care and Coaching. The highlight for Ekya for us. From the word go, my son who recently moved to 7th grade at Ekya - Byrathi, has loved all aspects of the school. What has made a great impact is the hands-on contextual approach. This combined with the support extended by the teachers makes the school a winner for us."

Ms. Meghana Ravindranathan


"I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts this year for making our children feel comfortable, safe and secure in an online learning environment. I know that you have taken the trouble to understand my son and his personality and you have always made him feel at ease in class. Thank you for making school a second home for our children."

Ms. Kiran Subba Rao

Ekya JPN

"Ekya JPN has been a great experience and has offered an amazing set of academic and co-curricular opportunities to our daughter throughout her stay in Ekya. The school definitely helped shape her personality through a well-rounded curriculum and coaching. A huge thank you and gratitude to the teachers and staff for their commitment, encouragement, and mentorship of the children of Ekya! - Proud parents..."

Ms. Vidya Santhanam

Ekya JPN

"Thank you very much for all the efforts for getting the community of parents, kids, and teachers together. What I admire about Ekya is the warmth of the teachers and true affection towards the welfare of the children. The events were well thought through, time-bound and well-conducted. "

Mr. Ramanan

Ekya BTM

"We attended Abhinav’s observation and met with his teachers. It was an absolute delight to see the teaching techniques employed at Ekya – innovative and the involvement of teachers, exemplary! As a son of a teacher myself, I’ve seen the level of pedagogy at Ekya and I must laud the effort they put towards imparting education."

Latest Blogs

We also bring to our students, parents and the larger community insightful articles, blogs and informative academic write-ups on various topics.


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