Best Montessori schools in JP Nagar

Montessori Schools in JP Nagar

Every school provides the needed skills for today’s students. But at Ekya JP nagar, things are slightly different. Here, the school provides the students with ethics and etiquette to be thinkers, doers, learners, and changemakers. It invokes a spirit of togetherness and collaboration while allowing the students with their personal space to grow their wings.

The main philosophy of the school is to empower their students in such a way so that they can create a difference in this vast world. Moreover, with such passionate educators, the school offers students an immersive learning experience with a technology-rich environment making each one of the best Montessori schools in JP Nagar.

The Early Year Programs Offered Are:

Students happen to be the core of any school. Ekya offers students problem-solving and independent thinking techniques to learn beyond the pages of the textbook.

During the early years of a student’s life, they must indulge in playing and creativity to bring out their inner innovation. With the help of visual arts, sand play, puppet shows, gardening or performing arts, the school provides endless opportunities for today’s young ones to learn, observe, express and become more self-aware.

Also, through excursion visits and peer interaction, they achieve a game youth of experiences. Ekya aims at two kinds of approaches for the Pre-primary program.


This method involves the guidance of Montessori trained teachers who wrap these young ones into individual attention to develop a love for learning and concentration. Here the students get categorised into: Montessori sub juniors, Montessori juniors, Montessori seniors. The system involves activity-based learning for 2.5 to 5.5 years students. It includes:

  • Playtime The school has a facility to help the students improve their motor skills.
  • Love For Reading The students can achieve the opportunity for building comprehension skills and learning the language well.
  • Exercise of Practical Life The school offers the students to define their eye-hand coordination, concentration, balance, hand strength and the ability to be independent thinkers.
  • Special Days As per the school calendar, the school observes various events, festivals and appreciation days.
  • Sensorial Activities These activities help the students to become better judges of the environmental stimuli.


Students from the age group 3.5 to 5.5 years can get admitted. Here the students develop fine motor skills, social interaction, listening and language skills through reading programs, activity time and

The Student Life At Ekya Jayanagar

Students would get the right exposure even after school. The school offers activities like

  • Design thinking challenge
  • Hour of code
  • Robotics
  • Theatre
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Sports
  • Virtual and day trips
  • Other co-curricular activities

Besides, the school also invites experts to speak on diverse fields to the students. It helps students to find their creativity and passion.

The Parent Community, Ekya JP Nagar

Parents are equal partners to the school when educating their children. The school encourages parents who encourage the child, teacher, and school to participate in the learning journey actively. With parent-teacher meetings, the parents can connect to the school. The authorities of Ekya JP Nagar also encourage the parents to stay updated with the latest school information. They can reach out at any point in time after fixing an appointment.

Admission Procedures And Guidelines

Ekya JP Nagar, one of the best Montessori schools in JP Nagar, provides admission in both online and offline mode. You can visit their website to get the admission form. You can go to the school to collect them. The school offers an open house facility and campus walkthrough to the parents to learn about the culture, curriculum, infrastructure, and extracurricular opportunities.

    1. Great academics and extracurricular activities. Every kid is given proper attention. The school really knows how to nurture Montessori kids. Teachers are caring, friendly and are very responsive. I am not only happy but very much satisfied with the way my daughter is learning and growing up with Ekya. Moreover, the school conducts parent-teachers meetings regularly to clear parents’ queries and also to take their suggestions into account.

    2. Ekya has been a great support in terms of proper education and developing my son into a confident student. He is no longer afraid of school. He is more enthusiastic about interacting with teachers and loves to play with his classmates. I am very much grateful for such a nurturing school environment where kids are loved. A big thank you!

CTA: You can also reach the school with any queries at or 080-46809096.

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