1. Importance of Sports

The importance of games and sports in a child's life cannot be overstated. Veda Karnati, a fourth-grade student at Ekya Schools Byrathi, has shared her thoughts on the importance of sports. She talks about how sports can help children develop physical fitness, improve mental health, and enhance social skills. Engaging in sports activities can also teach children valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and perseverance. It's important to encourage children to participate in sports and provide them with the necessary resources to do so. Schools can play a crucial role in promoting the importance of sports by incorporating sports programs into their curriculum and providing students with access to sports facilities. By doing so, we can help children develop a lifelong passion for sports and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The benefits of sports go beyond physical fitness, and it's important to recognize and promote the importance of games and sports in a child's life.

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2. Reasons Why After-School Activities Are Important For Children

After-school Programs play a vital role in a child's overall development. Asha Doris, Head of School at Ekya BTM Layout, shares 7 reasons why after-school activities are important for children. These include providing a safe and supervised environment, enhancing social skills, promoting physical activity, improving academic performance, fostering creativity and self-expression, developing leadership skills, and expanding career opportunities. After school programs can offer a variety of activities such as sports, music, arts, and academic enrichment programs. By participating in these programs, children can learn new skills, make friends, and develop a sense of responsibility and independence. It's essential to encourage children to explore their interests and participate in after school programs that align with their passions and talents. With the right guidance and support, after school programs can help children develop into well-rounded individuals and achieve their full potential.

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