7 Reasons why after-school activities are important for children

Learning is not limited to the classroom but goes beyond it as well. Here are 7 reasons why after-school activities are essential for children as it helps develop their personality.

1. Helps them learn a new skill

Be it language,  sport, or an art form, after-school activities add value as children tend to explore and learn a different, new skill or build on what they are already learning at school.

2. Gives them a healthy recreational time

Children, when engaged productively, are likely to spend less time glued to a smartphone or screen. The after-school activities encourage children to spend time practising skills and pursuing their passion in a relaxed atmosphere promoting a healthier lifestyle.

3. Builds social and emotional skills

After-school programs can provide the social outlet that many children crave.  While learning is still the top priority, the experiences they build by meeting other children with a similar passion as theirs help develop social skills, instil values of teamwork, build confidence, and other essential 21st century skills.

4. Discovering their passion

Trying new activities and learning things that interest them helps children discover their true passion and decipher what they like and don’t. It also indicates the skills they would like to develop in the future.

5. Good for their Resume

While this may sound way too far in the future, the skills children develop through their K-12 years can significantly add value to their resumes, mainly when they apply to universities. Most universities now look at how holistically rounded the applicant is instead of just looking at the academic accomplishments.

6. Inculcate Time Management Skills

The task of juggling school work and after-school activities might seem challenging initially, but it is an opportunity for students to learn the importance of managing time. They will learn to manage well as time progresses and also become better at it, nurturing one of the most valuable skills they can have as adults.

7. Boosts academic performance

Several studies have shown that extracurricular activities impact child development and improve academic performance and study habits. Children show more significant levels of attention in class and are less likely to develop disruptive behaviour.

Education requires problem-solving, creative and critical thinking skills. Extracurricular activities impact these areas to varying degrees.

Finding a space that offers various afterschool activities can be challenging; however, you can find a list of afterschool activities offered by Ekya and CMR NPS:-

  1. Basketball

  2. Hindustani Vocal

  3. Guitar

  4. Violin

  5. Keyboard

  6. Chess

  7. Table Tennis

  8. Drums

  9. Western Vocal

  10. Karate

  11. Aerospace Education

  12. Dance (HipHop/Bollywood/BBoying)

  13. Skating

  14. Robomations

  15. F1 in Schools India

  16. Start-Up Young

  17. Public Speaking

  18. “Quizzing by QShala”

  19. Solve Ninja Bootcamp

  20. Theatre( Speech & Drama Program)

  21. Art of Storytelling telling

  22. Debate Wars

  23. Drone Wars

  24. 21st Century Skill Module

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