Grades 9 - 10: Our Senior School Program equips learners to inquire, care, create solutions to problems in the real world, connect back to the big ideas and communicate.

Grades 11 - 12: Our Senior Secondary School Program equips learners to build and develop skills whilst acquiring knowledge to support their progression in education or employment.

Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

In our Senior School Program, our foremost commitment is to nurture learners who excel in inquiry, care, problem-solving, concept integration, and effective communication.

Our pedagogical approach revolves around interactive and inquiry-driven activities, sparking curiosity and fostering critical thinking. Our structured learning experiences are strategically devised to simultaneously foster the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge. Our programs include authentic experiences, collaborative projects, real-world simulations and research endeavours. Students delve into these learning experiences that transcend conventional classroom boundaries.

The curriculum further integrates targeted preparation for Board and Competitive exams. Specialized modules, practice exams, and focused study sessions are incorporated to ensure that students are well-equipped to excel in standardized assessments.

These learning experiences aim to prepare students for the dynamic challenges of the future, equipping them with the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking abilities, and practical skills needed to thrive in higher education, the workforce, and beyond.

Senior School Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in all learning areas which include

  • Language Program
  • Mathematics Program -Mathematics (for Science), Applied Math (for Commerce and Humanities)
  • Science Program- Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Humanities and Social Science Program - Economics, Political Science, Psychology Legal Studies
  • Applied Learning Areas Program - Accountancy, Business Studies
  • Computer Science Program
  • The Arts Program- Makery
  • Life Skills Program
  • Physical Education Program

Learning Beyond the Classroom

A student at Ekya will always be encouraged to make real world connections with what they learn in the classroom. Every experience is age-appropriate, carefully curated and meticulously planned with clear learning outcomes.

Field trips reinforce experiential and contextual learning and are a way of enhancing classroom learning by making real world connections. The Field trips at Ekya schools are researched, planned and executed for grade specific learning outcomes. We therefore encourage all the students to participate.

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