ICSE Schools in Marathahalli East Bangalore

Nowadays, most of the schools are offering ICSE education in Bangalore.

However, some parents find it difficult to select the best ICSE schools in Marathahalli for their children.

If you are among those parents, we can help you!

Ekya Schools now offers international education in ITPL, Whitefield area. You can enroll your child at Ekya ITPL to receive the best international education.

About Ekya Schools

If you’re looking for a K-12 English medium co-ed school in Whitefield, Bangalore, Ekya ITPL is the best choice. Our schools are managed by the CMR Group of Institutions. Ekya competes with the best ICSE Schools in Marathahalli. 

At Ekya, our mission is to create a culture of collaboration and individuality through innovative education and community-based learning. We believe that education should be fun, engaging, and enriching and have an emphasis on creating a sense of community.

Our school is affiliated with the CBSE Board and offers pre-primary, primary, middle, and senior school education. The atmosphere at Ekya Schools is warm and welcoming, and the teachers are highly supportive. Our school in Bangalore is a great place to develop your child’s skills and give them a platform to showcase their talent.

Your child will feel comfortable and excited about learning with Ekya’s innovative methods. The teachers will help your child adjust to their new environment and make it an enjoyable experience. There are many CBSE Schools in Marathahalli, but Ekya ITPL offers the best education.

Our Mission

The Mission of Ekya Schools is to provide a quality education through the development of a community of learners, thinkers, and doers. Founded by Dr. Tristha Ramamurthy, Ekya schools are committed to providing their students with an excellent education.

We strive for excellence in every aspect of education and strive to do so by incorporating innovative approaches and immersive practices. Our vision is to become the best CBSE schools in Marathahalli.


Ekya ITPL follows the CBSE Board curriculum from Montessori to Grade 12.

CBSE emphasizes practical knowledge over theory along with real-world concepts.

  • Early Years

The Ekya Early Years campus caters to both Montessori and Kindergarten teaching methods. The Montessori teacher acts as a facilitator and encourages the child’s individuality. The kindergarten teacher imparts learning through instruction time, collaborative learning, and worksheets. A comprehensive curriculum and flexible learning environments ensure that children develop a love of art at a young age.

  • Primary School

Ekya CBSE Schools in Marathahalli also offer primary school education to children from Grade 1 to Grade 5. After pre-primary, children are promoted to the primary school curriculum, which is designed to help them pursue their interests and prepare for middle school. It helps the children to learn basic skills and concepts.

  • Middle School

Middle school education at Ekya Schools is a wonderful experience for students from Grade 6 to Grade 8. The curriculum is rigorous, and students are pushed to apply their knowledge. The focus of the program is on general science, mathematics, social science, languages, and ICT. Teachers have state-of-the-art laboratories to enhance the learning experience for their students.

  • Senior School

At Ekya, we offer senior school education to students in Grade 9 to Grade 12. Here, students are encouraged to be involved in their community, participate in after-school clubs, and gain experience through internships at research institutions and start-up companies.

Facilities at Ekya Schools

At Ekya, we offer special facilities for students for overall growth and development. Along with academics, we offer various other activities.

  • Campus

Ekya Schools have a beautiful and vast campus to accommodate all the necessary facilities for children. There are open corridors with spacious classrooms. There are cozy reading corners as well as an outdoor playground for children. At Ekya, we offer all the modern facilities to deliver quality education.

  • Transport

The school’s transport facilities are among the best in the city. We provide school buses for the children. There are plenty of school buses to pick up and drop children.

  • Parent Community

Parents are encouraged to participate in the Parent Community at Ekya Schools. Parents are responsible for their child’s education and development. A large part of this responsibility lies in the school’s curriculum. The parent community at Ekya has a large number of initiatives and campaigns.

  • School Clubs

The Ekya, students can join clubs after-school activities and go for outbound learning excursions. The schools’ student-run clubs promote a sense of community and are dedicated to the needs and interests of the children. There are different types of clubs like Literary Club, Editorial Club, Visual Arts Club, Sports Club, Maths Club, ICT Club, etc.

  • Extracurricular Activities

The schools provide many extracurricular activities and clubs for the children to enjoy. They also encourage them to join a local sports team or become involved in the arts. The extracurricular activities include speech & drama, sports, performing arts, Rubik’s Cube, coding, dance fitness, etc.

  • After School Clubs

There are various after-school clubs at Ekya that children can join after school is over. These clubs help them to participate in extracurricular activities and boost their skills.

Admission Procedure CTA

Ekya schools offer an online admission facility where parents can simply fill up the admission form to enrol their child.

  • Step 1: Online Application 

Parents can go to the Ekya website and click on the online admission form. You need to fill in all the details and submit the form online along with the necessary documents.

  • Step 2: Interaction

After processing the admission form, a video call will be arranged where parents and children can interact with the head of the school.

  • Step 3: Admission

Once the interaction round is completed, parents will be informed about the admission status. Fees need to be paid online within ten days.

  • Step 4: Admission Agreement

Once the school reopens, parents need to visit the campus and sign the admission agreement.

Other Locations

Apart from Ekya ITPL, there are many other branches of the school in Bangalore. Here are the other locations of Ekya Schools.

Our Schools

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