Our Language program equips individuals with the tools to navigate a world of diverse communication. We foster a love for reading, writing, and communication, empowering students to become articulate and expressive individuals. The program cultivates multilingualism from an early age fostering cognitive flexibility and broadening cultural perspectives, preparing children to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Learning Area Purpose

The Language program equips learners to:
  • Make meaning of the language
  • Understand a variety of texts and develop an informed appreciation for literature
  • Communicate effectively and creatively, according to the medium and the audience

Key Learning Experiences:

  • Languages offered:
  • - First Language: English (Grades 1-12)

    - Second Languages:(Grades 1-10)

    Kannada, Hindi, French (From Grade 5 & 6)

    - Third Languages(Grades 5-8)

    Kannada, Hindi, French

  • A booklist with a difference: This booklist for the English Language Program is designed to provide students with a diverse range of texts that will engage them, challenge them, and inspire them.
  • Focus on essential skills: The curriculum includes thoughtful and engaging content focused on building essential skills like reading, writing, speaking and listening using fiction, non-fiction and poetry
  • Use of the Writing Process: The writing process is a significant part of the language program where all writing is treated as a creative act which requires time and positive feedback. Students use feedback to modify their work and have to return to the prewriting step to develop and expand their ideas.

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