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Student Personality Development

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A student's personality is one of the crucial factors affecting their success in education as well as their profession. Good personality is an asset that develops emotional intelligence, mental strength, social bonds, values, and critical skills like communication, leadership, etc. that help students focus on their goals, influence others positively, have rewarding career prospects, and build better relationships. Schools play a critical role in the personal and professional development of students, especially during the early years. Educators at Ekya Schools motivate and encourage students to develop a better personality using powerful academic tools like open-ended discussions, feedback, mentorship, emotional scaffolding, counselling, collaborative group projects, etc. These motivators, coupled with the experts' tips mentioned in this section, provide a guide towards building skills and traits that shape a great personality.

Social Skills for Student

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Students' socio-emotional development is critical for developing good character, values, ethics, and a strong belief system. Good social skills not only allow students to express themselves more effectively & efficiently, but also help prevent a plethora of teenage problems. E.g., bullying in schools, substance abuse, absenteeism, etc. As an educational institution, Ekya Schools takes several measures to ensure the socio-emotional well-being of students. We focus on developing social skills to promote academic success, positive behaviour, good personal & professional relationships, and the holistic development of students. Here are some tips from experts at Ekya to help develop social awareness, consciousness, values & skills in students.

Social Skills for Student – Ekya Schools
Student Reading Skills – Ekya Schools

Student Reading Skills

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Creating an early habit of reading is essential for developing students’ reading comprehension skills, like inference, comparison, analysis, quick memorization, etc.. These skills are important for the academic success of students and find their application in all theoretical subjects. By adding meaning to simple words, comprehension transforms them into ideas and thoughts. Good comprehension also makes reading enjoyable, effective & informative and fosters a lifelong love of learning. Ekya Schools' reading programme is designed to foster a love of books in students. In addition to this, we dedicate special time to reading-related activities like storytelling, narration, elocution, etc., to build students' vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and appreciation for educational content. This section includes age-appropriate reading recommendations and tips for students and parents on how to develop reading-comprehension skills.

Student Learning

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Continuous learning is a powerful self-motivator that enables children to acquire & retain knowledge, expand their skill set, build competency, develop new perspectives & ideas, and make the most of their experiences. Ekya Schools focus on experiential learning, making conscious efforts for students to 'live their lessons' to create interest, joy, and a lifelong love of learning in students. We believe that continuous learning can help children avoid stagnation and unlock their true potential. Here are some tips from our experts that will help students learn, unlearn, re-learn, and deepen their learning.

Student Learning – Ekya Schools
Student Writing Skills – Ekya Schools

Student Writing Skills

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An organised, precise, and well-written introduction, resume, cover letter, or application is the first step to getting admissions at a good college or bagging a rewarding job opportunity. To be able to do so, it is essential that students have great writing skills right from the beginning, which include good organisation of thoughts, analysis of facts, conciseness, good vocabulary & grammar, etc. Our educators conduct various activities to build effective writing skills in students (like precis writing, letter writing, picture composition, creative writing, etc.). We believe that children can readily improve their writing skills with regular reading, reflection, and deliberate practice. Here are some tips to ensure you're making efforts in the right direction to strengthen your writing.

Student Health

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When we talk about good health, it includes the overall physical, mental, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being of individuals. Experts believe that "healthy students are better learners" because studies have shown that healthy students take more interest in their education and surroundings, avoid truancy, behave in a better manner, and perform well at school. Poor nutrition, lifestyle, and external factors like stress, pressure, etc. can affect the well-being of students. Here are some ways to ensure the health and wellbeing of children.

Student Health – Ekya Schools
Sports – Ekya Schools


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Participation in school sports is important for students because they ensure life-readiness and future-preparedness. In addition to ensuring physical fitness and mental agility, sports develop good values, skills, and traits that are necessary for academic and life success. E.g., patience, persistence, leadership, collaboration, effective decision-making, etc. At the Ekya Schools, we encourage all students to participate in sports of their interest to develop self-confidence & accountability, and offer them the opportunity to exercise their mental and physical abilities to accomplish set goals. This section deals with how we use sports and various physical activities as a medium to shape students' personalities.

Impact of Using the Internet

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Digital citizenship, one of the most sought-after skills in the twenty-first century, teaches students how to use technology safely & responsibly, navigate digital spaces safely, and interact with netizens all over the world. It is important for students to be mindful of their actions in the virtual world, just as they are in the real world. This is where digital citizenship education has a crucial role to play. Learning about technology and the digital world encourages them to use their knowledge and skills wisely, prevent themselves from being vulnerable to cyber attacks, and balance their screen time judiciously to make the most of their freedom without compromising on their privacy. Here are some tips & resources to help students learn more about the use of the internet, especially social media, in the modern times.

Impact of Using the Internet – Ekya Schools
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