About Ekya

Ekya is one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore providing a unique approach to education on several campuses within the city. Ekya offers programs for the Early Years, Primary, Middle, and Senior levels that include character-building, practical learning, and inclusive education following the CBSE syllabus. Through a rigorous curriculum combining academics and co-curricular activities, Ekya ensures that students become competent thinkers, learners, and innovators.

The institution has fully equipped facilities such as libraries, laboratories, clubs, and others to promote holistic growth, adhering to the CBSE syllabus standards. Ekya prioritizes values, emotional intelligence, and life skills so that it aims to develop socially conscious individuals, hence differentiating itself in providing a total learning experience in a colorful, multicultural setup aligned with the CBSE syllabus schools.

"With the ever evolving education scenario, most of the ICSE and CBSE Schools in JP Nagar aim at instilling 21st century skills that are considered mandatory to sustain in the current environment. In the league of top schools in Bangalore, Ekya provides the best environment for the mental, physical, and educational development of the students. The school focuses on character building and overall personality development along with ensuring academic excellence. Ekya’s ICSE syllabus is more practical and provides extensive knowledge on each subject in comparison to CBSE. It is also beneficial for those aspirants who want to appear for international level examinations or dream to study abroad. The curriculum is divided into Early Years for students in the age group of 3-6 years, PY for grade 1 to 5, Middle Years for grade 6-8, and Senior Years for grade 9 to 12. Other than Science and Maths, the school gives equal importance to subjects like Humanities and Arts. A perfect amalgamation of academic as well as extracurricular activities helps each student to be a thinker, learner, doer and an innovator. From well-equipped labs, auditorium, library to counselling cell and canteen, Ekya takes care of every need of the students. The school clubs offer activities like performing and visual arts and sports even after school hours. The assessment pattern at Ekya is also specifically designed to keep track of the student’s learning pulse which helps the teachers reinforce learning as and when any gaps are observed."

" BTM layout is one of the top-notch residential areas in South Bangalore. Having an excellent physical infrastructure, it has well-facilitated connectivity to other parts of the city. There are more than 400 schools in BTM Layout. Most of the reputed CBSE schools in BTM layout employ scientific learning techniques and custom-built their curriculum to allow the children to explore other extracurricular activities along with the academic lessons. Schools have a variety of amenities like a well-developed campus, smart classroom, laboratory, library, art room, music room, multi-purpose hall, and playground to ensure the holistic development of children. Different levels of education are provided including Pre-primary, Primary, Middle, and Secondary. The fees charged by schools in BTM layout depend on the board of the school, medium of education, school infrastructure, grade of study of the student, and various other factors."

"The best gift to your children is a good education and Ekya strives to make it meaningful. At Ekya, we aim to equip students with life skills, values, and emotional intelligence that will hold them in good stead in the future and help create socially and environmentally conscious individuals. The CBSE curriculum at Ekya ITPL is focused on knowledge building by theoretical learning along with practical applications. Ekya has a unique learning system for each group that includes Early Years for children aged 2.5 to 5.5 years, Primary for students of grades 1 to 4, Middle for students of grades 5 to 8, and Senior program for students of grades 9 to 12. With spacious campus, modern infrastructure, safe transportation, a variety of school clubs, extra-curricular activities and after school programs, Ekya is one of the best CBSE schools in Whitefield. "

"Hebbal is one of the fast-developing localities in North Bengaluru and comes with all the essential facilities one might need. The school system in Hebbal is exemplary, with more than ten schools offering a well-balanced curriculum. The best CBSE schools in Hebbal provide all the facilities child needs to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. However, each school's infrastructure, in-house activities, and student cohort may vary. Since most schools also provide transportation facilities and meals to students, it is always made optional for parents' convenience. CBSE is a widely accepted education board under the Government of India. Studying in a CBSE school in Hebbal increases the probability of achieving successful careers and ensures a standardised education for students to switch schools within India easily."

"Banaswadi is a suburb in the Indian city of Bangalore that has developed into one of the most popular residential neighbourhoods in the city due to its proximity to various hubs of business and recreation. Banaswadi is home to some of Bangalore's most esteemed Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools. These schools are renowned for their academic excellence and commitment to providing a complete educational experience beyond academics. Many offer excellent co-curricular activities such as sports, art, music and drama, which help children develop into well-rounded individuals. With their focus on innovative learning methods, these schools strive to create a stimulating environment for everyone involved in the learning process. These schools have well-designed campuses that boast playgrounds, top-notch labs, art rooms, music rooms and multi-purpose halls - perfect for students' holistic development."

"Kammanahalli is home to numerous CBSE Schools, which provide students with excellent educational opportunities. They offer a wide range of courses in the curriculum, including Sciences, Humanities, Commerce and Economics, and co-curricular activities such as music, sports and culture clubs. The schools have state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technology, ensuring students get the best possible learning experience. The faculty comprises highly qualified teachers with years of teaching experience and a passion for imparting knowledge to their students. CBSE schools in Kammanahalli also provide holistic training to ensure the overall development of each student according to his or her unique needs. "

"Jakkur, situated in the northernmost neighbourhood of Bengaluru is well known for its lake body, aerodrome and research facilities. It is home to numerous schools that provide a variety of curricular options, giving children the chance to learn in a setting that meets their needs. Jakkur's CBSE schools are renowned for their dedication to giving pupils a well-rounded education. These institutions provide the perfect setting for comprehensive learning and growth thanks to their first-rate amenities and top-notch instruction. The facilities at these schools are top in class, allowing students to discover and hone their skill sets. The well-crafted curriculum will give kids a thorough education and unmatched learning chances. "

"Bangalore's Thanisandra is a sought-after residential neighbourhood renowned for its educational system. Numerous regional educational facilities provide challenging academic courses and extracurricular activities to help pupils develop holistically. It is home to 10–20 CBSE schools. While extracurricular activities contribute to students' general growth, the CBSE syllabus assists pupils in acquiring knowledge that is applicable in the real world. Many schools offer counselling and guidance services to ensure students perform to their greatest capacity. These CBSE schools are the ideal options for parents who want the best for their kids, thanks to their cutting-edge amenities, superb teaching personnel, and balanced curriculum. "

"The most coveted residential and business district in Bengaluru is Yelahanka, which is situated in the northern part of the city and is bordered by national highways, lakes, and greenery. It has a good educational system with roughly 10-15 schools. The majority of schools in Yelahanka have state-of-the-art facilities for creating tomorrow's leaders. Additionally, some schools provide after-school activities like robotics, music, and the visual arts to encourage kids' creativity and talent. Students are prepared to take all kinds of competitive exams and prove their expertise in the fields they have selected. "

"Hormavu is conveniently connected to the rest of the city and has all the required amenities. A few potential schools in and around Horamavu provide the CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and state board curriculum. The most reputable ICSE and CBSE schools in Horamavu offer first-rate amenities and facilities that support kids' overall development. "

"Jayanagar is a popular residential and commercial neighbourhood in Bangalore, known for its multicultural population and luxurious lifestyle. The neighbourhood is well-connected to the rest of the city and is home to over 300 schools that offer CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and State Board curricula. Most CBSE schools in Jayanagar have world-class facilities that ensure children's overall development. Along with academics, the school provides a variety of extracurricular activities such as robotics, sports, music, theatre, visual arts, and much more. The teaching staff is highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated, allowing students to pursue their creative and passionate interests. The yearly school fees in Jayanagar are determined by a variety of factors, including the student's standard/class, the school's infrastructure, the area, and the school's popularity. "

"Bannerghatta Road, located to the south of Bengaluru, is a hub for both residential and commercial spaces, thanks to the premier IIM Bangalore and Bannerghatta Park. The location is well-connected by all modes of transportation and has modern amenities nearby. Bannerghatta Road is home to approximately 20 schools. The majority of ICSE and CBSE schools on Bannerghatta Road have modern infrastructure that combines cutting-edge technology with traditional teaching methods. In the schools, well-qualified faculty who are experienced enough to manage the socioeconomic needs of the students and take on the challenges of advanced learning mediums are appointed. Along with academics, schools encourage a variety of co-curricular activities to help children develop a well-rounded personality. The annual school fees in Bannerghatta vary depending on the curriculum and quality of education. "

"HSR Layout, located in the southeastern part of Bengaluru, is a prime residential neighbourhood that is well-developed and well-connected. There are more than 10 to 15 schools in the HSR Layout that integrate cutting-edge teaching techniques, best practices in education, and advanced technology. Schools provide highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art learning facilities to guarantee kids a wonderful campus life in a diverse, multicultural setting. On-campus facilities include exercise spaces, libraries with a good selection of books, labs, and modern classrooms. To foster students' creativity and talents, several schools also provide after-school activities like robotics, visual art programmes, music, etc. "

"Sarjapur Road is a well-planned locality in Bengaluru's eastern outskirts and has excellent infrastructure. The area is home to the 30 most reputable schools, which have achieved academic success and have been balancing extracurricular activities and core subjects. They provide students with a vibrant learning environment and teaching pedagogy that is constantly evolving. Modernised classrooms, laboratories, well-stocked libraries, activity rooms, multi-purpose halls, cafeterias, and other campus amenities make it one of the best places to stay. The yearly school fees in Sarjapur Road vary depending on the area, the school's popularity, and other factors. "

"Electronic City, also known as the Silicon Valley of India, is one of Bengaluru's most significant industrial parks. It is a technology hub and an autonomous community with excellent social infrastructure, reliable connectivity, and several educational institutions. Electronic City has over 30 reputed ICSE, IGCSE, and CBSE schools with a conducive learning environment. CBSE schools in Electronic City provide a variety of extracurricular activities such as arts, swimming, music, aerobics, dance, skating, dramatics, and robotics to ensure overall development. "

"Koramangala is a residential-cum-commercial locality with excellent social infra and connectivity. More than 10-20 schools in Koramangala strive to develop socially responsible, knowledgeable learners with multi-dimensional skills and values to contribute positively as global citizens. Along with providing a solid academic base, schools in Koramangala have a variety of extra-curricular activities like arts, swimming, music, aerobics, dance, skating, dramatics, and robotics. "

"Approximately 10-15 reputed ICSE and IGCSE schools in Bommanhalli have created a holistic learning environment for children through innovative curricula and modern facilities. For the child's intellectual, cultural, social, moral, and emotional development, all curricular and co-curricular activities are designed to develop a complete, integrated personality. "

"Krishna Raja Puram, also known as KR Puram, is a suburb in Bengaluru's northwestern outskirts. The neighbourhood is known for its greenery, lakes, multi-story apartments, and large markets, as well as its excellent connectivity. It is well-equipped with necessary amenities and is home to approximately 15-20 reputable schools. The CBSE schools in KR Puram have excellent infrastructure and utilise modern technology in classrooms. Academics and extracurricular activities are included in the curriculum, with an emphasis on providing a well-rounded education. Arts, music, aerobics, swimming, skating, dramatics, robotics, and other extracurricular activities are available. The school provides a safe and secure environment for its students. Schools offer various levels of education, including Early Years, Primary, Middle, and Senior. The school fees in KR Puram vary depending on the board of education. "

"Marathahalli is a well-developed residential suburb in Bengaluru's eastern outskirts. It takes its name from the Marut fighter plane, which was developed at a nearby HAL facility. The social and retail infrastructure of the area is good, with around 15 reputable schools. The CBSE schools in Marathahalli have a modern infrastructure and a class-apart faculty to provide students with a holistic education. In addition to academics, the school offers a variety of co-curricular activities such as arts, music, aerobics, dance, swimming, skating, drama, robotics, and more. The schools strive to cultivate a love of learning in students by developing their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and creative abilities. School hours differ depending on the level of education. "

"This suburb is home to approximately 30 reputable ICSE, IGCSE, and CBSE schools. The schools are committed to developing a generation of responsible youth through holistic education, providing them with value-based education. Schools offer various levels of the learning experience, including Early Years, Primary, Middle, and Senior. The school fees in Kadugodi may differ depending on the school. "


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Our Programs

Ekya’s programs adhere to an in-house curriculum that has been patiently developed over the years, to give students a new learning experience influenced by the best global methods of teaching.

Ekya Early Years

Ekya Early Years

At Ekya Early years we encourage independent learning in mixed-age classrooms while developing children's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional aspects.

Ekya Primary School (Grades 1-5)

Ekya Primary School (Grades 1-5)

Our primary school program nourishes the minds of our students with holistic values. We encourage active learning inside and outside the classroom.

Ekya Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Ekya Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Our middle school program provides a challenging environment where students start applying what they learn in class to the outside world.

Ekya Senior School (Grades 9-12)

Ekya Senior School (Grades 9-12)

Our Senior School prepares students to compete on a global scale by developing international competencies in them.

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