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    Ample extracurricular activities
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    Schools in Byrathi

    When it comes to schools in Byrathi, there are very few who can stand at par with Ekya Schools. Since our inception, it has been the primary motto to help our students get the best of guidance, and over the years, we have tried to uphold that motto with sheer dignity. As a top school, we have tried to give the students a more holistic development rather than focusing just on academics, which has helped the students to achieve wonders.


    One of the prime areas of concern when it comes to heading a school is academics. Ekya Schools has given supreme importance to this aspect, and we have successfully segregated each class for a better output.

    • Early Years:

      As many parents would already know, the early years of a child are crucial for cognitive development, and hence we tend to focus more on that rather than only academics. In this early year’s program, the students are introduced to the habit of going to school and developing a routine.

    • Primary:

      The primary year’s programme is perfect for inculcating the basics of education to children, and hence quite important. We have devised a more interactive plan that will help students to grasp the concepts better.

    • Middle:

      This is usually the time when students get bombarded with knowledge, and hence it becomes difficult for them to keep track. But with our plan, the students feel at ease and grasp the knowledge in a much easier way.

    • Senior:

      As one of the top schools in Byrathi, we understand that the senior years could be intimidating because of the burden. However, with our plan, the process becomes much more fluent as well as easy.

    • IGCSE:

      The International Board is also very convenient when it comes to training students for a career abroad. We have also incorporated the IGCSE board for the students of 9 and 10 grades, which consequently open doors to a lot of opportunities on a global scale.

    Syllabus and School Timings:

    The factor of the syllabus is critically analysed because the requirements for each class are different. Therefore the syllabus has to be curated considering the state of the children. It is primarily the reason we have an entire dedicated team that works upon the syllabus of each class and ensures that the most comprehensive one is planned out.

    The class timings vary for every class; however, it commences at the same time – 8:10 a.m. However, the Montessori sub juniors are released at 12:30 in the afternoon, followed by the K1, K2, Montessori seniors and juniors, along with classes 1-8 that are released at 3:00 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are marked as holidays for the pre-primary and primary students, while the seniors have the second and fourth Saturday as a holiday.

    Beyond Academics:

    We believe that no play and only work makes Jack a dull boy. However, we do not want our little ones to be that, and hence along with Academics, the extracurricular activities are given enough attention. Ekya has the most comprehensively planned outdoor activities along with visual arts, school clubs, and many more fun-filled activities.


    We do understand that the school gets a name from the way its faculty is known. We at Ekya Schools take pride in our team of teachers, and they are the primary reason why today we are known as one of the top schools in Byrathi. Our teachers foster a one-on-one relationship with the students, which cultivates a sense of belongingness and boosts confidence in them. Teachers have a crucial role in a student’s life, and hence our team always tends to give them the experience of a lifetime.

    Campus Facilities and Infrastructure:

    Besides Byrathi, Ekya is also known as one of the best Schools in Hennur. We have the best infrastructure as well as campus facilities for our students, some of which include:

    • 600-seater Amphitheatre along with a temperature-controlled swimming pool, a playground, a thrown ball and a volleyball court.

    • A comprehensive window sports room with arrangements for table tennis chest, and carom along with the gardening area.

    • One of the best libraries with the stock of the highest selection of books, along with very well-arranged laboratories for both science as well as Social Studies.

    • Well-ventilated classrooms, an in-class library for better learning and understanding of the students.

    Fees Structure:

    The fee structure of our school has been kept minimum so that the students get the best infrastructure, and it is not a very heavy burden on any of the parents’ pockets. We understand that quality education is the need for every child and hence the fee structure seems to vary depending on the class of your child.


    Being one of the well-known schools in Byrathi, Ekya School has been able to set up a precedent for itself. But the ones who constantly helped us in our endeavour are our students. Along with academic grounds, our students have also helped us achieve some of the best signatures when it comes to non-academic grounds. Not only in Bangalore but our students have also even travelled outside of the city and won accreditations with persistent zeal.

    Admission Procedure and Guidelines

    Step 1 – Submission of Application Form

    • Download your application form from the admission page and fill in the required information

    • Make payment for the application fee and send signed the application form along with three passport size photographs of your child.

    • In case of the requirement of any other document, you’ll be informed in advance.

    Step 2 – Interaction

    • Once the application is processed, the school holds an interaction session between the student and academic counsellors.

    • Afterwards, a parent’s interaction is also arranged with the Head of The School. (Both the parents must attend the session).

    Step 3 – Admission

    • Since each Ekya School has the availability of limited seats, the admissions are provided based on merit.

    • The application status is communicated to the parents within 10 working days of the interaction.

    • Upon the successful acceptance of the application, the parents have to submit admission and school fee within the next 10 working days.

    Online Application

    Ekya Schools have also initiated an online admission process, keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in view. The online admission process is as follows:

    1. Click on the ‘Apply Online Now’ Tab.

    2. Fill the application providing the required credentials and attaching documents, including:

      1. Photograph

      2. Birth certificate

      3. Caste certificate.

      4. Academic record for last 2 years

      5. ID proof for both parents

      Pay the online application fee via Paytm

    3. After the successful processing of the application, we arrange an online interaction with the head of the school.

    4. The parents are intimidated about the admission status within two working days post-interaction.

    5. If you receive a positive response and your child gets selected for admission, you must pay the admission and school fee within 10 working days.

    6. Sign the admission agreement.

    Enroll Your Child at Ekya Schools Today!

    Not only in Byrathi but the name of Ekya School is synonymous with one of the top schools in BTM layout as well. The method that we have picked up for modelling your little ones is the most comprehensive one, and that will help them achieve wonders in their lives ahead. So, it comes to selecting the best for your children in academics and development, Ekya is the name to trust.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The school is affiliated with both ICSE as well as IGCSE Board of Education. However, the option for opting in for an International Board is relevant for the students from classes 9 and 10 only.

    The school is known to provide some of the best facilities including 24 hours CCTV coverage, the best faculties, a comprehensive library as well a laboratory along with an equal emphasis on extracurricular activities.

    Yes, Ekya School is a co-educational school.

    We do not believe in over-burdening the teacher and the students, and hence our class limit is set up at a minimum so that the teachers can attend to every student personally.

    Yes, we do have transport facilities for all our students and depending upon your route, you can choose the one that fits your requirements the best.

    The admission process generally tends to be big, in a couple of months before the commencement of the school year, which is tentatively around February.

    As of now, we do not have any arrangements for a boarding facility, although we are thinking of developing the same very soon.

    Burdening the students with a lot of homework will not lead anywhere. Hence, we believe more in interactive classroom sessions. However, there are few assignments given as homework to keep children on pace and revise the lessons.

    Yes, parent-teacher meetings are held regularly so that both the teachers, as well as the parents, can be well aware of the situation of the child.