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Introduction :

At Ekya we value each of our students. We believe in creating a memorable school journey for every child. A school is about building the society for tomorrow and influencing every child with the feeling of unity, team spirit, friendship and compassion. Being one of the popular schools of the CMR Group of Institutions, we aim to nurture a positive and holistic environment for every child to grow and develop into a responsible citizen. 

It is not just about the academics that we focus on. We believe that complete education comes from freedom of thought and creativity. We allow our students to be able to use their thoughts, imagination and creativity. Thus we are trusted by parents where a child learns to adapt and accept challenges. 

Ekya School is a co-ed institute with both ICSE and IGCSE curriculum. If you have been looking for suitable ICSE or CBSE schools in Byrathi region and are not sure which one to pick, you must learn about the ICSE curriculum. The ICSE is a comprehensive curriculum that allows every student to do extensive research and learn a particular subject in-depth. Above all, with the ICSE board of education, students can find better opportunities to pursue higher studies abroad.

Now about the IGCSE curriculum, it is an entirely different board of studies that is more practical-centric than textual study pattern. If you want your child to learn based on individual capacity and skills and not as a general pattern, IGCSE is the best curriculum to follow. The major benefit of the IGCSE curriculum is that the study pattern is similar to the one followed in the UK and US. 

Our Mission :

To dream for a future where talented and bright minds will empower and influence the nations; where knowledge will be the power and creativity is valued over everything. We promise to create leaders of tomorrow who will contribute to the world’s benefits.

Byrathi School Leadership :

Shubhra Sinha, Head of School, Ekya School, Byrathi.

A strong believer in adopting a student-centric approach in teaching and learning, Ms. Shubhra Sinha heads our Byrathi campus. She has over 19 years of work experience across education as well as the corporate world. This includes educational management at top K-12 international schools; both in new as well as established setups.

She feels enthused about instilling a love of learning in students and enabling their social-emotional development. She can always be depended upon to inspire students in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Ms. Shubhra is passionate about strengthening professionalism and the competence of the faculty in order to provide world-class teaching-learning experiences. She is also a skilled facilitator of Cambridge International training that supports teachers to become more confident, innovative, and reflective.

A relentless learner herself, Ms. Shubhra has completed a 2-year program in Advanced Education Leadership from Harvard University; which has helped her understand the complexities within educational systems and hone her leadership skills to deal with them. Ms. Shubhra has recently completed a one-year program in career and college counselling as well.

She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Geography along with a B.Ed.

A versatile and resourceful individual, Ms. Shubhra endeavors to remain up-to-date with the latest in the education sector and enjoys connecting with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Curriculum ICSE and IGCSE :

The ICSE curriculum has a huge variety of subject options to choose from. It is known for its balanced curriculum in comparison to the curriculum standard of the CBSE schools in Byrathi. On the other hand, our IGCSE curriculum offers better opportunities for your child to adapt to the international study pattern in case you want to pursue education abroad. 

  • Early Years – For early year education. The early year education prepares children of age between 2.5 years to 5.5 years. During these years, Ekya’s teaching program included varieties of creative activities such as visual arts, puppet shows, sand-play, physical education and lots more. Learning while playing is encouraged that enhances their understanding of the surroundings.   
  • Primary – During the primary education period, the school curriculum aims to develop a child’s social, emotional, moral, intellectual and physical aspects. We support and help our students to understand the concepts and build confidence to work on individual or group projects. Apart from all the major subjects of the primary level such as English, Second and Third Languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, we also have co-curricular activities for the all-round development of our students. 
  • Middle – The middle school program prepares students for the final board exams. It is the main foundation that imbibes the concepts of each of the core subjects. Apart from the academic area and the co-curricular subjects, the school also encourages students to take part in inter-school and intra-school competitions and external examinations such as Olympiads. 
  • Senior – The senior school program is the most crucial year that prepares students to face the challenges outside the school boundary. The curriculum enhances their knowledge and enables them to choose the right career path after school. With the help of our aptitude tests and career counseling, we evaluate every student and guide them to the most suitable field and career option.
  • Facilities – Planning for a modern ICSE school near Byrathi that has excellent features and facilities? You must consider getting your child admitted to the most popular school in Byrathi- Ekya School. It is an ICSE – IGCSE curriculum facility with three different branches at three different locations in Bangalore. Our other facilities are:
    • Campus – Large & secure school campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure.
    • Transport – We provide transport faculty to our students for easy accessibility and safe journey.
    • Parent Community – Our parent’s community is very active and we encourage discussions and meetings for a strong parent-school relationship.
    • School Clubs – The various school clubs for students act as the suitable platforms to showcase and polish their skills and talents. To know more about our different clubs click here
    • Extracurricular Activities – We believe that extracurricular activities make a child confident and determined and allow them to build leadership skills and team spirit. Thus, we have varieties of extracurricular activities such as dance, drama, music, art & craft and more.
    • After School Activities – The after-school activities at Ekya aims to take education beyond the limits of books. From Robotics Program to Visual Art, we provide various opportunities where students can nurture their interests and knowledge. Learn more about after-school activities from here.

Admissions Procedure CTA :

We welcome both online and offline admission. You can learn more about our admission process and guidelines from the guideline page of our website. You can also visit the preferred campus in person for more information. 

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