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    to the Ekya pedagogy

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    At Ekya, we believe the best way
    to learn a lesson is to live it

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    Ample extracurricular activities
    that ensure holistic
    development of your child.

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    Academic and Non-academic roles,
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    Ten things that we believe in
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    About Ekya School JP Nagar

    Ekya School, JP Nagar is one of the leading names in the top-ranked schools in JP Nagar, committed to providing technology-driven and immersive education. With excellence being our major prerogative, we ensure that our students receive the best quality education and other essential facilities for holistic development.


    The key essence of a school is the academics they impart, and Ekya School takes that up very seriously. This is primarily the reason why we are sought after as the best of the schools in JP Nagar, Bangalore. Academics at Ekya is divided into five prime sections:

    • Ekya Early Years:

      The Early years is the most important period to instill a sense of routine in the children. The Early years program is more focused on a play-based setting to help the children develop a routine.

    • Primary:

      After the early years comes the primary years of education. Most parents would agree that it’s the time a base is set up for the years to follow. We have incorporated a wholesome structure, so that the children can grasp the knowledge and have enough time to practice and make it fruitful.

    • Middle:

      The middle school years can be stressful for many students because of the requirements they are supposed to deliver. However, being one of the best schools in JP Nagar, it has been an onus for Ekya school to help students study more strategically. We focus on studies, but more systematically, so the students do not face a hard time preparing themselves for the exam.

      The middle school years are very important. It is equally vital to keep our beloved students motivated throughout the process for the upcoming years. Besides education, enough focus is given on other aspects like extracurricular activities and various interactive clubs like Quiz clubs to keep them involved.

    • Senior:

      The senior years are the critical years in the students’ life. It is the time when they get a glimpse of what the future will be like, and even the most crucial board exams take place. We follow both the ICSE and the IGCSE curriculum, which allow our students to choose what they want to pursue.

    • IGCSE:

      Being one of the few international schools in JP Nagar, we do offer the
      IGCSE curriculum for our senior year students classes 9 and 10. We have realized that the Cambridge board does open many avenues for the students, and here the possibility of going further abroad for higher studies is a very poignant choice. Being one of the top schools in JP Nagar, including this board and giving the option to our students was very important.

    Syllabus and School Timings:

    The school curriculum has been kept quite comprehensive, and a unique team of teachers formulates the entire structure keeping in mind the requirements of each standard.

    The school timings are as follows:
    Montessori sub-juniors – 8.10 am to 12.30 pm
    Montessori seniors and juniors – 8.10 am to 3 pm
    Class 1to 10 – 8.10 am to 3 pm
    Pre-primary and primary students have all Saturdays holiday, whereas classes 6 and above have holidays on second and fourth saturday.

    Beyond Academics- Co-curricular Activities:

    As much as academics are vital, the concept of co-curricular activities is equally essential for students. Being one of the best schools near JP Nagar, our prerogative is to help our students develop more holistically.

    We have various activities held after school, as well as school clubs and houses, to help students build a feeling of camaraderie. Moreover, our visual arts curriculum helps students learn more practically by implementing their ideas. We also encourage the students to indulge in various physical activities. We at Ekya JP Nagar, strongly believe in the holistic development of our students. Physical education is an important aspect to build various characters like teamwork, healthy competition, and discipline.


    Being one of the best schools in JP Nagar, it was our ultimate prerogative to help students train under the best of faculties. It is primarily the reason why we have got teachers who are well equipped and import knowledge in a more practical way. Our teachers are our greatest strength, and more than just a teacher-student relationship, they foster unity with children, which is crucial to building confidence.

    Campus Facilities and Fee Structure:

    As many would say, Ekya School is known to be one of the top schools at JP Nagar Bangalore, and hence we have got the best infrastructures planned for the students. We have incorporated various factors like a giant amphitheater, well-lit and ventilated classrooms, constant CCTV surveillance, a digital library, and much more.

    The fee structure is completely subjective, and it depends on the class you are seeking admission for and the board that your ward will be fit for.


    We have been fortunate enough that our students have helped us keep up to the name of one of the best schools in JP Nagar Bangalore. Owing to academic and non-academic achievements, we take pride in the glorious results our students came up with and the numerous victorious positions secured in a myriad of competitive exams.

    Admission Procedure and Guidelines

    Step 1: Application form Submission

    • Download the admission form from the ‘Admissions’ page and fill in the required essentials.
    • Submit the application fee and a copy of the signed application along with three passport size photos of your child.

    Step 2: Interaction

    • Once the application is processed, a student and parent interaction is held with Ekya’s academic coordinators and the Head of the school, respectively.
    • Both the parents of the child are required to attend the scheduled interaction.

    Step 3: Admissions

    • Due to limited seats, the admissions are based on merit and seat availability.
    • The application status is proclaimed after 10 working days of the interaction session.
    • On successful admission, the parents are required to submit admission and school fee within 10 working days.

    Online Application

    Keeping the covid-19 pandemic in view; We’ve also initiated a process for online application:

    • Parents have to fill in an online application form.
    • Once the application is sent, online interaction is arranged between the parents and the Head of the school.
    • The parents will be intimidated within 2 working days about the application status, and if selected, the admission and school fee are required to submit within 10 working days.
    • An admission agreement is signed at the school campus after reopening.

    Get Your Children Admitted to India’s Leading Academic Institution

    Choosing the right school for children has never been an easy task. The schools have a prominent role in shaping the children’s future and hence, each aspect has to be considered carefully. At Ekya Schools, we specifically pay attention to the holistic development of the students of each age group, be it in academics or co-curricular activities. So, when searching for the best school for your kids in JP Nagar, look no beyond Ekya.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ekya School is affiliated to both ICSE as well as IGCSE board. The students of classes 8, 9 and 10 can choose between the two options.

    We are known as one of the best international schools in JP Nagar and provide a myriad of facilities such as the best faculty, array of extracurricular activities, modern built infrastructure, and equipped digital library.

    Yes, Ekya School has secured a name for itself as one of the top schools in JP Nagar when it comes to a co-educational structure.

    The average length of the classroom is kept such that the teachers can have equal attention to every student. We do not believe in incorporating too many students in one class as that hampers the efficiency as well as the quality of teaching.

    Yes, we do have transport facilities so that our students do not face any kind of issues while commuting to and from the school.

    The admission process begins in September for the next academic year. This process is a continuous process

    No, although we have various branches like the Ekya schools in Byrathi or the Ekya schools in ITPL, we currently do not have any arrangements for the boarding facility.

    We do not believe in overburdening the students with homework. The homework section is kept minimal for revision purposes only, and we do tend to focus more on the class-based practical teaching.

    Yes, Ekya School holds regular parent-teacher meetings as it helps both the parents as well as the teachers to understand how the functioning is going on and whether the student’s mental health, as well as an educational profession, is at parity.