Who we are

    We are passionate educators, committed curriculum designers and dedicated heads of schools that work as a tight-knit community to inspire the next generation. Our teachers thrive because they are eternal learners! We are indeed a team of mission-driven educators who are dedicated to preparing our students to succeed in school and beyond. 

    At Ekya, the curriculum is built in-house so that our students learn relevant content. We believe in empowering our students with a love for learning, by equipping our teachers with the skills to integrate the latest pedagogical approaches and technology in class. 

    We are fueled by our love and care for every one of our students which motivates us to get better at our craft every day. Join our team of mission-driven individuals to work hard, do good, and make a difference. 

    Why join the Ekya Family?

    Our schools are growing and we are looking for talented individuals to guide our students to success, whether in our classroom, on our campuses or behind the scene in the office.

    We invest deeply in every professional, supporting your growth and achieving exceptional results for our students.

    Our Professional Development focus:

    The adults in our school system are the backbone that make it possible for student learning to happen. Some of them are career educators, and others have come to education as a second or even a third career. Their work is among the most important and joyful work in the world, but it also has more than its fair share of challenges. 

    At Ekya, we foster continuous improvement in our professional practice just as we do in our students’ learning. The Professional Development Institute (PDI) is here to support the adults in our system at every phase of their journey. Whether you are a teacher, a coordinator, a school leader or a member of the team at the Head Office, we will all work together towards excellence and mastery in our domains.

    The goal of the PDI at Ekya is to ensure that all stakeholders:

    • Know what we do at Ekya and why we do it
    • Engage with students keeping core ideas of the Ekya philosophy in mind
    • Update one’s knowledge of a subject and other areas of the curriculum in the light of recent advances 
    • Update one’s skills and approaches in the light of new teaching-learning systems and objectives
    • Develop and implement strategies to apply changes made to curricula and teaching practice 
    • Understand and update oneself on educational and social concerns
    • Prepare for professional roles such as curriculum development, mentorship, etc. 
    • Explore, reflect on and strengthen one’s own practice

    We will do this through a variety of different processes, including but not limited to workshops, forums, study groups, observations and feedback, staff meetings, newsletters, teacher portfolios and learning showcases. At Ekya, professional development is not a process that occurs just at the start of the year. It is a continuous process that occurs throughout the year. 

    In this way, we try to ensure that each of our teams are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to design student-centered learning experiences focused on nurturing independent thinking and building strength and character while instilling in them habits that will prepare them for the real world. 

    Ready to join us?

    If your dream and ambition are to make a difference in a child’s life, then Ekya Schools is the place for you. Join the Ekya family today and empower young minds.

    Our offices are based in 4 different locations across seven campuses in Bangalore, serving the needs of 8000 students. Please click on the location closest to you only and indicate the position that best suits your qualifications and experience. 

  • South Bangalore - Ekya School,BTM and Ekya School, JP Nagar - Full Time

    Location: – Location: Ekya School, BTM and Ekya School, JP Nagar


    Who we’re looking for:

    Our teachers represent a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. We look for and hire the best candidates for our students.

    Here are some of the most important criteria we look for:

    • Are open-minded and willing to learn to implement progressive teaching methodologies
    • Can collaborate with peers and the Ekya Learning Center to create engaging learning experiences
    • Can teach for understanding and classrooms exhibit visual thinking of their students
    • Structure their time to balance planning of curriculum, instruction and assessment
    • Role model and communicate the quest for learning at all time
    • Shoulder the responsibility of academic and pastoral development of all their students
    • Are driven by a passion to teach and love for children.
    • Excitement about working for a school system that is changing the status quo of education in India.

      Teaching positions across our 2 campuses in south bangalore:

    • Pre-primary – Montessori trained (IMTC)
    • Primary School, Middle School and Senior School: Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Mathematics, Computer Science, Social Science (History, Geography, Political Science), Languages (English, Hindi, French, Kannada.)

    Non Academic Positions:

    • Nurse, Librarian, Lab Assistant, Behavioural Counselor, Front Office and Admissions,Visual Art Instructors, Performing Arts Instructors, Music Teachers (Western, Indian Classical, Instrumental), Physical Education Teachers,Housekeeping Supervisor and Campus Manager.

    You can submit your resume to career@ekyaschools.com

  • Head of Admissions, Marketing and Communications for CMR K-12, Ekya Schools and CMR National PU Colleges

    Location: – HRBR

    This is an exciting opportunity to be at the heart of the CMR K-12 and Ekya school’s strategic focus and will be responsible for providing strategic planning and leadership in each of the areas named above and will manage the admissions and marketing team.

    The Head of Admissions, Marketing and Communications will be responsible for the development and successful implementation of a strategic plan and for ensuring that the following strands are brought together under one umbrella:

    1) Admissions – to oversee student recruitment and develop and implement recruitment strategies to ensure that the school recruitment targets are met; to be responsible for all aspects of the school’s admissions process with a view to maximizing the number of enquiries, visits, registrations, and joiners, whilst ensuring that retention levels remain strong.

    2) Marketing – to take responsibility for the development and implementation of the marketing strategy for the school and to act as ‘brand guardian’. To promote and develop the school’s image and reputation amongst its key constituencies including parents and the wider community.

    3) Communications – to oversee and maintain continuous dialogue and feedback with key internal and external stakeholders, ensuring that the school communicates in a consistent, professional and prompt fashion. Oversight of key literature, the school’s website, and its social media.

    4) Events – management of/guidance on all student recruitment and public relations events from open days to speech days, including social events and special occasions.


    • 5+years of experience in working in a similar capacity, the school-related experience would be a plus.
    • Experience in design, brand management would be a plus

    You can submit your resume to career@ekyaschools.com

  • Alternatively, you can also submit your resume to career@ekyaschools.com

    Our Hiring Process

    We are looking for passionate educators to guide our students. Our hiring process is extremely selective and thorough and if you make it through, then you can be assured that you are among the best talent there is!

    For any further queries, write to us at career@ekyaschools.com, and our recruitment team will revert at the earliest!