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Learning Area Purpose

The Life Skills program equips learners to gain
  • Awareness- gain awareness and attentiveness of their own thoughts and feelings, of others and of the interdependence to broader systems in which they live
  • Compassion- Cultivate emotional hygiene and self care, empathy and courageous compassion for others, and an abiding recognition for common humanity that values all people everywhere
  • Engagement- develop increasingly sophisticated self regulation skills and the ability to discern behaviour that is beneficial to self and others from that which is not, the ability to relate productively and caringly to others, engage effectively and confidently on a larger community and global level for broad social benefits.

The Life Skills program at Ekya Schools empowers students to become aware, compassionate, and engaged individuals. The curriculum is designed to equip students with essential life skills that go beyond academics and academic achievement.

At Ekya, we believe in the importance of self-awareness and attentiveness. Through the Life Skills program, students learn to understand themselves better, recognising their strengths, weaknesses, and unique qualities. By developing self-awareness, students gain the tools to navigate life's challenges and make informed decisions about their goals and aspirations.

Cultivating emotional hygiene and self-care is a key focus of our program. Students learn to identify and manage their emotions effectively, promoting mental and emotional well-being. We emphasise the significance of self-care, teaching students how to prioritise their physical and emotional health and maintain a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

One of the cornerstones of the Life Skills curriculum is recognising the common humanity that values all people everywhere. We encourage students to embrace empathy and compassion, understanding and appreciating the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of others. By nurturing a sense of common humanity, we instil in students a deep respect for inclusivity, diversity, and the value of every individual.

The Life Skills program at Ekya Schools places emphasis on building self-regulation skills. Students learn to exercise self-control and discipline, allowing them to make wise choices and act responsibly in different situations. By developing these skills, students gain the ability to discern behaviours that benefit themselves and others, fostering positive relationships and a supportive community.

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