Who We Are

Who We Are

We're a passionate team of educators, curriculum designers, and school leaders united in our commitment to inspire the next generation. Our teachers embrace lifelong learning, constantly expanding their expertise. Our mission is student success, both within and beyond the school walls. We take pride in crafting our curriculum to ensure meaningful engagement.

We're dedicated to instilling a love for learning by empowering teachers with the latest pedagogical approaches and technology. Our driving force is genuine care for each student, motivating us to continually enhance our practices.

Join our team, where hard work, doing good, and making a positive impact define our mission. Together, we can make a difference in our students' lives and the future of education.

Our Ideal Educator - Is This You?

Before applying, think deeply about these statements to ensure they resonate with your values, experience, and readiness to join our team:
  • Inspires and fosters a love of learning, instilling confidence in students.
  • Views each child as a unique individual, creating differentiated learning plans and tracking their learning journey.
  • Has experience with students from diverse cultures.
  • Challenges and supports learners, building positive relationships based on commitment, energy, and trust.
  • Possesses high energy, tenacity, and the ability to improvise and create quickly and creatively.
  • An exceptional and experienced professional with a deep passion and sense of responsibility for changing education to impact the world.

Our Ideal Educator - Is This You?

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Every day our teachers and staff bring their authentic selves to work; creating equitable, rigorous, and vibrant learning environments. Our schools are home to educators who come to us from industry and those who have followed the traditional path into teaching.

We encourage you to get to know our culture by viewing student projects and staff bios/ testimonials on our school webpages.

We are hiring!

Other Roles

Join our dynamic journey of growth, shaping neighbourhoods, communities, cities, and education. Our mission: provide opportunities for children globally, led by passionate, compassionate leaders.

We value diverse perspectives, welcoming leaders at all experience levels.

Explore roles in

  • School Leadership
  • Curriculum Design
  • Admission and Marketing
  • Ed-tech Product Management
  • Human Assets, Administration
  • School Programs, and Operations.

If you're creative, dynamic, passionate, and forward-thinking, be part of our progressive K-12 schools, shaping the future of education with us.

Ekya Learning Center and Leadership Positions - North Bangalore, HRBR

Hiring Process

Our hiring process is extremely selective and thorough, and if you make it through, then you can be assured that you are among the best talent there is!

Our comprehensive evaluation approach helps us identify candidates who share our vision and values, fostering an environment within Ekya Schools that promotes effective teaching and student achievement.

By considering candidates' intent, we aim to find educators who are deeply committed to the comprehensive development of students and are passionate about making a positive difference in their lives.

Throughout the evaluation process, we meticulously assess candidates based on:

Review Applications

Personalized Video Introductions

Assess Technology Skills

Content Knowledge Assessments

Teaching Demonstration and Classroom Observation

Engage in 1:1 Personal Interviews

Reference Checks

Final Selection

Offer and Onboarding

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