The Early Years Program promotes sustained, healthy development of children between the ages of 3 and 6 and prepares them for later school years with a strong foundation for learning.

Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

The program at Ekya Schools is designed to provide a foundation for academic excellence while nurturing the holistic development of each child. Grounded in the philosophy of Maria Montessori, our program fosters independence, self-discovery, and a love for learning. In this setting, advantages abound, transforming education into an immersive journey of discovery.

Hands-on mastery for a solid academic foundation.

Tailored spaces for diverse minds to flourish.

Autonomy-driven education, pace set by each child.

Melody of mastery: slow, steady, and deeply understood.

Empowering autonomy, motor skills, and focus through Montessori.

Discovering gateways through problem-solving, shaping critical thinkers.

Making the complex simple, a scientifically designed learning journey.

Inspiring exploration, independence, and collaboration in every corner.

Holistic collaboration, where older guides and younger minds unite.

The Early Years Curriculum:

Exploring their senses using Montessori Material serves as a catalyst for understanding the world around them.

Hands-on experiences where children learn to care for their environment and, equally importantly, for themselves.

Foster curiosity and critical thinking with inquiry-based learning processes and enriching outbound learning trips.

Setting sail on learning the nuances of language through skills, cultivating effective communication through initiatives like Reading Programs and Storytelling.

Explore the world of numbers, patterns, and mathematical thinking through engaging and interactive learning sessions and the CPA Approach

Fostering creativity through visual and performing arts, participating in exploring art through immersive experiences

A creative laboratory for young children to engage in play-based experimentation with materials to bring about a mindset of creativity and innovation.

Physical fitness, and gross and fine motor skills through regular outdoor play and activities encouraging an active lifestyle.

Empathy, self-regulation, and social awareness with a focus on mindfulness practices in daily routines and activities, promoting self-awareness and focus.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

A student at Ekya will always be encouraged to make real world connections with what they learn in the classroom. Every experience is age-appropriate, carefully curated and meticulously planned with clear learning outcomes.

Explore beyond the classroom, sparking curiosity on immersive journeys.

Celebrate student learning with exciting moments woven into the academic journey.

Vibrant tapestry of student life, where each day is a new chapter in learning adventure.

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