The Science Program is designed based on a three-dimensional approach to learning Science. We nurture a fascination with the natural world, guiding students to explore scientific principles and phenomena. The curriculum focuses on a deeper understanding of science concepts, active, hands-on learning of Science, application of concepts, and integration of science and engineering design principles and processes to solve real-world problems.

Learning Area Purpose:

The Mathematics Program equips learners to:
  • Cultivate a mindset of curiosity, creativity and scientific inquiry to foster deeper and meaningful science learning.
  • Engage in scientific practices to understand the dynamic nature of science.
  • Develop interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative skills for problem-solving.

Key Learning Experiences:

  • Three-Dimensional Approach: We follow the three-dimensional learning approach that integrates Science and Engineering practices, Crosscutting concepts and Core ideas of the disciplines.
  • Using Science Kits: Students use "Science Kits" that are curated and designed to promote active engagement and experiential learning through hands-on experimentation and observation in the Science Classroom.
  • Using Fiction in the Primary Science Classroom: Students read interesting stories from fiction and non-fiction to understand concepts and their application in the real world while also learning attitudes and behaviours of scientists.
  • Using Science Labs:Our state-of-the-art Science Labs offer hands-on and engaging experiences enhancing the nature of science learning can increase student motivation and interest in science to foster a lifelong appreciation for the learning area.

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