About Ekya School, ITPL

Regarded for its globally recognized academic program, our students at Ekya School, ITPL, are part of a stimulating, caring, and constantly evolving community that enables them to realise their true potential.



Ekya Early Years

Ekya ITPL offers both Montessori and Kindergarten approaches for young learners aged 3 to 6 years. In the case of both approaches, Ekya believes in learning through curiosity by constantly encouraging the young to ask questions boldly and delve deeper into concepts.

Primary School

Building on the foundation of inquiry, the primary program at Ekya encourages students from grades 1 to 5 to pursue their intellectual interests through thought-provoking classroom explorations.

Middle School

From grades 6 to 8, we aim to inspire children to 'think' and arrive at an understanding of the world around them through a creative process of 'doing' and 'learning' through this journey of self-discovery.

Senior School CBSE

The Ekya curriculum aligns seamlessly with the CBSE board in senior grades, striving to deliver a hands-on learning experience to our students in grades 9-12.


Beyond Academics-
Co-curricular Activities:

As part of Ekya's commitment to overall development, academics and co-curricular activities are equally important to students, and we prioritise both.

We have various after-school activities, such as school clubs and house events, to help students develop camaraderie. Whereas our visual arts curriculum helps students remain highly creative and give them a space to implement all their crazy yet amazing ideas. Alongside these activities, we encourage students to indulge in diverse physical activities. We believe physical education is essential for building teamwork, healthy competition and discipline.

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Syllabus and School Timings:

The school curriculum has been kept quite comprehensive, and a unique team of teachers formulates the entire structure keeping in mind the requirements of each standard.

The school timings are as follows:

Montessori sub-juniors - 8.10 am to 12.30 pm
Montessori seniors and juniors - 8.10 am to 3 pm
Grades 1 to 10 - 8.10 am to 3 pm

Saturdays are holidays for pre-primary and primary students, while Grade 6 and above have holidays on second and fourth Saturdays of every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBSE board is followed at Ekya School ITPL. However, opt-in for the CBSE board starts from class 8 and extends till class 12.

Ekya Schools provide some of the best facilities, including a well-trained faculty team, the best infrastructure, modernized classrooms, extracurricular activity rooms, well-stocked libraries, and laboratories.

Yes, Ekya School is one of the top functional co-educational schools located in ITPL.

The average class strength is kept at a minimum so that the students can get individual attention, and it does not become a problem for the teacher to cater to the requirements.

The school does have transport facilities to not have a problem commuting to or from the school.

The admission process commences a couple of months before the start of the school year, which is tentatively around February or March.

No, currently, there is no system for boarding; however, we aspire to develop in the genre.

Overburdening the students with homework can never culminate into something fruitful. Hence, we believe more in making the class work engaging, which helps the students learn.

Yes, regular PTM sessions are held to update the parents about the students’ progress. Not only that, it helps the teachers to learn about the problems that the students are facing in the class.