Design Thinking is a core concept at Ekya, which develops empathy, as students are made to look at societal problems. An experimental process in nature, design-thinking equips the child to think critically, identify insights, build on each other’s ideas, learn from failures and be risk-takers.

Through Design thinking challenges, students learn to work with multiple perspectives, access and make sense of information, apply critical thinking and intuition, iteratively learn from failure and create solutions that integrate both ideation and empathy.
  • The students use their skills as creative thinkers to build solutions to a socially relevant challenge through the iterative and hands-on Design Thinking process.
  • Identify the challenge through a brainstorming session and share observations
  • Empathize with the Users/Stakeholders affected by the problem; Build an empathy map
  • Use primary and secondary research to support findings about the problem. Validate new information about the problem and share with the group
  • Process information in a manner that makes meaning for the next steps; Build a point of view from which to work
  • Use the point of view to think of multiple ways to solve the problem,
  • Narrow down possibilities to come up with the best way to solve the problem through feedback
  • Build prototypes of the solution- an experience, a model, an illustration!
  • Use feedback from the user and peer groups and improve the prototypes
  • Share solutions to the problem with the community
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