Our Process

At Ekya, we prepare students for future challenges and equip them with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Within the dynamic tapestry of Ekya's learning environment, Learn, Think, Do— serves as guiding principles that shape the educational experience for students, educators, and parents alike.


Ekya is a community of children, educators and parents where everyone learns together.


At Ekya, thinking involves two important components: connect and enquire. By connecting with each other and the world around them, students gain a deeper understanding of complex issues. Enquiring allows students to ask important questions and challenge assumptions. Consequently, our learners think independently, explore new ideas, and develop their unique perspectives.


At Ekya, the key aspects of our approach are to create, care, collaborate, and communicate. These skills encourage students to be creative and innovative problem solvers, to care for themselves and others, to work collaboratively towards common goals, and to communicate effectively.

Our Programs

Ekya’s programs adhere to an in-house curriculum that has been carefully and intentionally developed over the years to give students a new learning experience influenced by the best global methods of teaching.

What should you know about the Ekya Curriculum?

  • Innovative curriculum design based on the Understanding by Design (UbD) Framework
  • Benchmarked against international standards and research-based pedagogy
  • Emphasis on meaningful learning experiences for conceptual understanding and skill development
  • Focus on collaborative thinking over rote learning
  • Building essential future-ready skills: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and reflection
  • Integration of authentic tasks and challenges to connect learning to real-world situations
  • Structured learning experiences that inspire a quest for mastery and lifelong learning

The Ekya Curriculum: Making Meaningful Connections:

The Ekya curriculum is designed based on the Understanding by Design (UbD) Framework, making 'understanding' the key to learning 'by design.' The curriculum is benchmarked against international standards and utilizes research-based pedagogy, guiding us to plan meaningful learning experiences focused on conceptual understanding, skill-building, and aiding students in developing their metacognitive abilities.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in all learning areas.


At Ekya Schools, we prioritise the way students learn, not just what they learn. Our assessments focus on providing varied learning experiences to measure and understand students' progress holistically. We use different approaches, including performance tasks, observation-based assessments, and ongoing assignments to assess conceptual knowledge, attitudes, and skills.

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