At Ekya, we believe the best way
    to learn a lesson is to live it.

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    Ample extracurricular activities
    that ensure holistic
    development of your child.

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    Academic and Non-academic
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    Ekya Schools in BTM Layout

    Ekya Schools strive to be one of the best schools in BTM Layout to offer quality education and holistic development of the students. We have been the primary choice for many parents among pre-schools in BTM Layout, primarily because of the quality of education and the perfect blend of academic and extracurricular activities, which enables the holistic development of each student. Starting from pre-schools in BTM Layout to primary, middle, and high school, Ekya ensures efficient learning and development for each student.


    The base pillar for any school to build up its name is the quality of education. Our classes are segregated based on different age groups, so their best education is imparted to them.

    • Early Years:

      Our early years’ program is perfect for toddlers to instill a routine. We provide both Montessori and Kindergarten programs. Early years education is more play-related and boosts cognitive development. We follow an in-House curriculum from Montessori/Kindergarten to Grade 7 and 8-12. We have tried to make a name for ourselves as one of the best preschools in BTM layout, and it has been our constant endeavor to make the best happen for your little ones.

    • Primary:

      Classes 1-5 are essential as these set up the base for your child’s future studies. Hence, Ekya Schools pick up the most comprehensive methods to teach the students for effective retention.

    • Middle:

      The stage towards adolescence is important not only for academic achievements but also for various other developments. Our middle school Programme guides the students not only educationally but also holistically.

    • Senior:

      Ekya School is a top-rank option in BTM layout schools, as we provide enough attention towards the senior section. The senior classes have to be dealt with extra care, and our able teachers simply ace in that.

    Syllabus and School Timings:

    The syllabus for our students is planned so that they do not miss any essential topics and learn the right things at the right time. Hence, we have a team of teachers dedicated to each standard who brainstorm and then decide on the syllabus depending upon the requirements. We follow the CBSE syllabus.

    The school timings commence at 8 am for all the classes and end at 2:45 pm sharp for all the classes.

    Beyond Academics- Co-curricular Activities:

    Along with education, being one of the best schools in BTM layout, we pay enough attention to extracurricular activities. It requires students to do more than just studies to develop a positive approach towards life, and we tend to deliver that for them.

    We promote after-school activities and various others like visual arts, outbound, and service-learning.


    The faculty at Ekya is trained as such the students do not face any problem grasping the knowledge. Our able teachers empathize with the students and cater to their problems. A holistic teacher-student relationship is crucial as it fosters a better learning environment for the students and allows them to confide.

    Campus Facilities and Infrastructure:

    Ekya Schools is one of the most prolific schools in BTM layout. We have a wide variety of facilities to get exposed to better learning opportunities. Some of our primary areas include:

    • A 600-seater amphitheater for the students to sit freely during the annual day programs and well-ventilated classrooms.

    • A big playground and a half Olympic size pool.

    • Constant CCTV surveillance

    • One of the best libraries with ample stocks of books, and a well-equipped laboratory, to help students develop their knack for science.

    • The most versatile and approachable sets of teachers help students in their learning process.

    Fees Structure:

    The fee structure is quite reasonable compared to the facilities offered. The fee tends to vary depending upon the classes, so we recommend you to seek full-time information from the school office desk.


    Ekya Schools has garnered some of the best achievements when compared with similar BTM layout schools. We take pride in that our students make our name shine brighter in both academic and non-academic genres and have had some of the most appreciable achievements.

    Step 1: Application form Submission

    • Download the application from the admission page.

    • Complete the application form by providing the required information

    • Pay the application fee.

    • Submit the signed copy of your application form physically along with three passport size photographs of the candidate.

    Step 2: Interaction

    • After successfully submitting the application, we arrange a student interaction with our academic coordinators.

    • Further, a parent interaction is held with the Head of School, and it is essential for both the parents to participate in the interaction.

    Step 3: Admissions

    • Since only limited seats are available at each Ekya School, the admissions are offered based on merit.

    • The parents are informed about the application status within 10 days of the interaction session.

    • Once the admission is successful, the admission and school fee must be submitted within 10 working days.

    Online Application

    Ekya at BTM layout has also taken a step towards the online application process, due to the pandemic, which furthermore has made the process simpler. You can get started with the application by clicking the ‘Apply Online Now’ tab.

    Fill in the application form online, and attach/upload the required essential documents, including

    1. Photograph

    2. Birth certificate

    3. Caste certificate.

    4. Academic record for last two years

    5. ID proof for both parents

    6. Make payment for online application via Paytm

    2. After the application is processed, an online interaction (zoom call/ hangouts call) is arranged with the head of the school.

    3. The parents receive an update about the admission status within two working days of the online interaction.

    4. If your child gets selected, pay admission and school fee within the next ten working days.

    5. Sign the admission agreement.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    CBSE board is followed at Ekya School BTM Layout. However, opt-in for the CBSE board starts from class 8 and extends till class 12.

    Ekya Schools provide some of the best facilities, including a well-trained faculty team, the best infrastructure, modernized classrooms, extracurricular activity rooms, well-stocked libraries, and laboratories.

    Yes, Ekya School is one of the top functional co-educational schools located in BTM Layout.

    The average class strength is kept at a minimum so that the students can get individual attention, and it does not become a problem for the teacher to cater to the requirements.

    The school does have transport facilities to not have a problem commuting to or from the school.

    The admission process commences a couple of months before the start of the school year, which is tentatively around February or March.

    No, currently, there is no system for boarding; however, we aspire to develop in the genre.

    Overburdening the students with homework can never culminate into something fruitful. Hence, we believe more in making the class work engaging, which helps the students learn.

    Yes, regular PTM sessions are held to update the parents about the students’ progress. Not only that, it helps the teachers to learn about the problems that the students are facing in the class.