Please go through our guidelines and admission process before submitting your applications.

    Guidelines and Application

    Here’s a quick summary of our admission process:

    Step 1: Application submission

    • Complete your application form by downloading the form on this page.
    • Please note that the application will be processed only once the school receives the application fee and the signed physical application form along with three passport size photographs of your child.
    • Additional documents may be required and this will be made known.

    Step 2: Interaction

    • Post application receipt, a student interaction will be scheduled with one of our academic coordinators.
    • For the parent interaction with the Head of School, both parents of the child are required to attend. Kindly ensure timely arrival at the school for both interactions.
    • Please note that parent interaction and student interaction might not be scheduled on the same day.

    Step 3: Admission

    • Each Ekya School can accommodate only a limited number of students, therefore, admission is based solely on merit and seat availability.
    • Parents will be intimated on the status of their application within 10 working days after the school interaction.
    • Upon acceptance for admission, parents are expected to remit the admission fee and school fee within 10 days of receipt of the communication. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal of admission and the seat reserved will be assigned to another deserving child.

    For queries regarding campus walkthroughs and age of the child during admissions, please refer our Admission Overview.