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    Your child will be a valuable member of Ekya Schools and we appreciate your enthusiasm in applying to our school.

    At Ekya, we welcome every parent’s interest in being part of our small, close-knit community. While we try to accommodate as many requests as possible, offering admission to all applicants is often difficult.

    Deciding on the right school for your child is a big decision, and we encourage parents to learn more about the Ekya curriculum, culture, and extracurricular opportunities before applying. By understanding our school philosophy, parents make an informed decision about the right fit for their child. At Ekya, the parent mindset, support, and involvement play an important role in how we can help your child derive the best education we have to offer.

    For further clarification, email us at admissions@ekyaschools.com or call us on 080-46809096.

    Age Matrix: For parents who have queries with regards to a child’s age criteria for admissions, please refer to our age matrix for respective Grades by clicking here.

    Campus Walkthrough: If you are keen to have a look around our classrooms and key facilities of our schools, we conduct campus walkthroughs across the month. Kindly get in touch with the front desk at your respective campus’ for probable dates and bookings.

    Open House: The Open House is an excellent opportunity for parents and students to get a feel for what life looks like at Ekya. Led by our leadership team, the open house showcases Ekya’s pedagogy and curriculum. In addition, the Open House will address the culture, curriculum, environment, instruction, professional practice, infrastructure and other learning areas.

    Please go through our guidelines and admission process before submitting your applications.