The ekya early years program promotes sustained, healthy development of children 3 years to 6 years. of age and prepares them for later school years with a strong foundation for learning.

Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

At Ekya, we understand the value of Montessori principles in early childhood education and their ability to enhance a child's development. Our Early Years Program embraces key Montessori concepts to create a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for children aged 3 to 6 years.

Here's how we integrate Montessori principles into our program:

Our learning spaces are carefully curated to provide a calm, organised environment that promotes independent exploration. We incorporate Montessori materials and tools that engage children's senses and encourage hands-on learning. These materials are strategically placed to foster self-directed discovery and encourage children to choose activities that align with their interests and developmental needs.

We emphasise the importance of self-directed learning, allowing children to choose and engage in activities that resonate with them. Our classrooms are designed to facilitate children's autonomy, enabling them to select tasks, work at their own pace, and explore subjects that capture their curiosity. This approach not only nurtures a sense of independence but also empowers children to take ownership of their learning journey.

Our classrooms embrace the Montessori practice of mixed-age grouping, where children of varying ages share the same learning space. This arrangement encourages collaboration, peer learning, and the development of social skills. Younger children observe and learn from older peers, while older children reinforce their knowledge by helping younger ones. This dynamic promotes a sense of community and mutual support.

Montessori materials are an integral part of our curriculum. These thoughtfully designed materials cater to different learning styles and developmental stages. They promote sensory exploration, fine motor skills, and cognitive development. Children engage with these materials to grasp abstract concepts such as MATHEMATICS, language, and sensory experiences, fostering a deeper understanding and a love for learning.

Montessori's emphasis on practical life skills aligns seamlessly with our philosophy of holistic development. We incorporate everyday tasks and activities into our program, allowing children to learn essential life skills such as pouring, buttoning, and cleaning. These activities not only enhance fine motor skills but also promote concentration, coordination, and a sense of responsibility.

Just as Montessori education values each child's unique pace of development, our program recognises and respects individual learning journeys. We provide opportunities for one-on-one interactions and tailor activities to suit each child's needs, strengths, and interests. This personalised approach supports children in reaching their full potential and fosters a positive attitude toward learning.

Incorporating Montessori principles into our Early Years Program enriches the learning experience, fostering a well-rounded education that prioritizes curiosity, independence, and a deep love for learning. Through a blend of Montessori practices and our child-centered philosophy, we aim to prepare children for a successful transition to later school years while nurturing their overall growth and development.


At Ekya, student life experiences are thoughtfully designed to foster self-discovery, wellbeing, community engagement, and service. Outbound Learning Trips provide students with real-world experiences for personal growth and teamwork. The Deep Dive Program allows students to explore their passions with expert guidance. Co-curricular activities offer diverse opportunities to nurture talents. Special Days and Event Celebrations promote unity and inclusivity. Additionally, Service Learning Programs instil empathy and a sense of responsibility in students, encouraging them to give back to the community. At Ekya, every initiative is carefully curated and executed to empower students in their journey of finding their place in the world.

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If you are seeking an early childhood program that emphasises holistic development, individualised learning, and a nurturing environment, Ekya Early Years Program is the right choice for your child. Contact us today to learn more and embark on a rewarding educational journey with Ekya!

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