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Empowering young minds to make a difference in the world

More About Us

We at Ekya believe in a world beyond boundaries where education should continuously evolve and adapt as the world changes.

More About Us

Ekya is a community of children, educators and parents where everyone learns together.

More About Us
  • Established in 2010
  • 5 Campuses
  • Ekya PDI* Certified Educators
  • CBSE, ICSE & Cambridge IGCSE
  • Curriculum developed by Ekya

Introduction about Ekya

 The word Ekya derives its meaning from the Sanskrit word for unity and individuality. This spirit of collaboration and togetherness encourages growth while allowing room for individuals to shine. We believe that learning at Ekya Schools near Electronic City is more than just academic; we’re also sensitive to the extracurricular needs of our students to enrich their educational experience to help in the holistic development of the child.  We are one of the best CBSE schools near Electronic City, offering a Montessori program.

Our Mission

To create a world where talented and bright minds will have the ability to empower and influence nations, where knowledge is valued above all and creativity is praised above all. The school promises to prepare leaders for tomorrow who will be an asset to the world.


Early years

Kindergarten and Montessori are the two pre-primary methods of instruction at Ekya. The Ekya Early Years Program at Ekya Schools near Electronic City keeps play and creativity at the center of all lessons, offering a wide variety of learning opportunities such as physical education, visual arts, performing arts, sand play, gardening, and puppet shows. The young ones have the opportunity to express themselves, learn through observation, and become more aware of themselves through these activities.


Primary years

Primary students at Ekya are encouraged to explore their intellectual interests through thought-provoking classroom experiments that are rooted in inquiry. They become proficient, insightful readers, writers, and thinkers through the English and science programs. Through engineering and elements of the Maker Movement, the science program enables students to become problem-solvers and change-makers.


Middle years

When our students enter adolescence between grades 6 and 8, we begin to instill a sense of responsibility and independence in them. As part of the middle school English program, students become skilled in written communication by writing for different purposes and within different contexts, and by analyzing authors' intentions and themes. Science classes address biology, chemistry and physics.


Senior year

The senior school program at Ekya is focused on mastery and excellence. This program places great emphasis on academic excellence and intellectual expertise to succeed in the outside world. We offer Ekya students the opportunity to interact with experts in different fields to learn about diverse career options. Throughout the academic year, students take aptitude tests and receive career counseling to identify their strengths and options for further study. We follow a staged process in which we allow our students to be able to find their true inclination on a particular area and focus on that. Every year we conduct a virtual career camp and university meets to help students reach the best place to continue higher studies and choose the right career option.

Various well-equipped laboratories such as the science lab and computer lab, as well as ample library resources, dedicated faculty, and a learner-centric environment, ensure an enriching environment for our senior school students.



The Ekya School Near the Electronic City campus is beautifully landscaped with open corridors, lots of natural light, spacious classrooms, and cozy reading corners. It adds a great deal of value to the learning experience at Ekya, hence we take pride in it.



Ekya ensures students' safety and security both on and off the school campus, as well as while using the school's transportation. Our school buses are equipped with GPS tracking systems which allow us to track their location. During pickups and drop-offs, each bus is accompanied by a lady attendant. In the morning, some of our teachers join in as well.


Parent Community

Parents are encouraged to arrange an appointment with the school leadership, coordinators, and teachers before their visit to Ekya. At Ekya, we view parents as partners in the holistic development of their children. Keeping parents informed about school proceedings and other developments is of paramount importance. During the school day, parents can meet the School Coordinator between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm.

School Clubs

At Ekya, school clubs are based on student input, organized by students, and influenced by teachers and mentors. Students are provided opportunities to identify and enhance their talents with the clubs, each with a dedicated objective. We currently have the following student clubs:

  • Literary Club.
  • Editorial Club.
  • Sports Club.
  • Visual Arts Club.
  • ICT club.
  • Maths Club.
  • Performing arts club.
  • Brain Bender Clubs.
  • Environment Club
  • Photography Club
  • MUN Club
  • Readers Club.


Extracurricular activities

The extracurricular activities we offer at Ekya help children develop their social skills and learn how to work in a team to accomplish a goal. All of this while having fun allows our children to explore different interests, become more confident, gain leadership skills, and even improve grades. Below are a few examples of extracurricular activities:

  • Design Thinking challenge.
  • Robotics
  • Hour of Code.
  • Quiz contests.
  • Visual arts.
  • Dance Fitness.
  • Animation and multimedia.
  • Performing Arts


After School Activities

Our after-school clubs are designed to help our children explore all their interests and become versatile. Here are a few clubs available to our students after school:

  • Swimming
  • Skating
  • Karate
  • Basketball
  • Chess



Academic Achievements

We are proud of the various academic achievements of our students. We have many top scorers in the Grade X board exam for the academic year 2018-2019. Plus, our students achieved success and earned our school a prestigious rank in the Global Mathematics Circuit 2018-2019.

Non-Academic Achievements

Students from Ekya School competed in various competitions at Volksfiesta. Nukkad Natak, Action Quest, Smart Moves, Comic Strip Making, Dabang debonair, product design hackathon, Inspiration, Football, and Basketball boys are among the competitions where our students excelled. A DMUN-Best Delegation Award was bestowed on Ekya School grade 11 and 12 students at Volksfiesta.

Admission Procedure

We offer both an online and an offline admission process. Please visit our admission page for more information regarding the online admission procedure. You can easily download the admission form from the link given below:

Admission Guidelines

Find A World Beyond Boundaries

Our Programs

Ekya’s programs adhere to an in-house curriculum that has been patiently developed over the years, to give students a new learning experience influenced by the best global methods of teaching.

Ekya Early Years

Ekya Early Years

At Ekya Early years we encourage independent learning in mixed-age classrooms while developing children's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional aspects.

Ekya Primary School (Grades 1-5)

Ekya Primary School (Grades 1-5)

Our primary school program nourishes the minds of our students with holistic values. We encourage active learning inside and outside the classroom.

Ekya Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Ekya Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Our middle school program provides a challenging environment where students start applying what they learn in class to the outside world.

Ekya Senior School (Grades 9-12)

Ekya Senior School (Grades 9-12)

Our Senior School prepares students to compete on a global scale by developing international competencies in them.

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