Unlocking a World of Opportunities: Discover the Arts Program at Ekya

Learning Area Purpose

The Arts program equips learners to:

  • Express themselves in a creative manner, communicating through art forms such as dance, music and visual arts.
  • Explore a variety of cultures and appreciate the various forms of artistic expressions of people around the world.
  • Make connections between the arts and other disciplines.
  • The Arts Program at Ekya Schools, where we empower learners to express themselves creatively and explore the rich world of artistic expression. Our program encompasses various disciplines, including dance, music, and visual arts, providing students with a well-rounded artistic experience.
  • At Ekya, we believe in the power of art as a means of self-expression. Our Arts Program encourages students to unleash their creativity, using different art forms to communicate their thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Through painting, sculpture, dance, music, and more, students develop the skills to express themselves in a unique and meaningful manner. We foster an environment that nurtures their artistic voices and celebrates the diversity of creative expression.
  • Cultural exploration is an integral part of our Arts Program. Students have the opportunity to delve into a variety of cultures and appreciate the diverse forms of artistic expression from around the world. By studying different art traditions, students gain a deeper understanding of global perspectives, fostering empathy, cultural sensitivity, and an appreciation for the beauty of artistic diversity. Through this exploration, students develop a broader worldview and recognise the universal language of art that transcends cultural boundaries.
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