The Arts

Our comprehensive Arts Program encompasses both visual and performing arts, providing students with a platform to explore their artistic talents, develop their creative voices and self-expression, and gain confidence and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

  • Visual Arts Our visual arts curriculum (Primary and Middle School) nurtures artistic expression through a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, claywork, 2D and 3D work. Students are guided by instructors who encourage experimentation, exploration, and the development of personal artistic styles. From capturing the beauty of nature to expressing emotions and ideas through art, our students embark on a journey of creative discovery.
  • Performing Arts: Our performing arts program ignites a passion for the stage, where students can showcase their talents in drama, music, and dance. Whether it's captivating an audience with a monologue, harmonizing with a choir, or captivating with a dance routine, our students learn to express themselves through confidence and the power of performance.

Learning Area Purpose:

  • express themselves in a creative manner, communicating through art forms such as dance, music and visual arts.
  • explore a variety of cultures and appreciate the various forms of artistic expressions of people around the world.
  • make connections between the arts and other disciplines.

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