Deep Dive

The Deep Dive Program provides academic and cultural enrichment courses to address students' diverse learning interests in grades K-12. It is a place of exploration, laughter, potential, creativity, innovation, and fun.
We offer micro-courses on varied topics like Financial Literacy, Stop Motion Animation, Forensic Science, Storytelling, Creative Writing, Farm-to-table, Contemporary Science, etc., facilitated by multiple stakeholders of our school community, including Parents from the Ekya Community! Deep Dive is a program where students get a choice in their learning, can be themselves, and be part of a community of like-minded peers. This program brings students together for a 4-6 week academic experience like no other! Students challenge themselves in a new environment and, most importantly, learn how to be self-motivated learners!

A dive into some of our courses from the Deep Dive Program:

  • Using mathematical concepts to analyse Blood Spatter evidence in Introduction To Forensic Science.
  • Exploring the concept of Money in Financial Literacy.
  • Hands-on training with lighting, clay modelling, storyboarding and photography in Stop Motion 101.
  • Appreciating and empathising the biodiversity in the immediate community and suggesting solutions to safeguard the same in Coral Kingdom.
  • Exploring their feelings in All about Feelings.
  • Learning mental addition using Shudh sutra in Vedic Maths.
  • Engaging with the senses to explore where food comes from in Farm To Table.
  • Exploring their bodies to create imagery in Expression Through Theatre.


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