The Mathematics Program ensures students acquire and apply mathematics concepts and skills and develop a positive attitude towards mathematics. The curriculum instills a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, enabling students to solve problems creatively and confidently.

At Ekya Schools, we use the Singapore Math Methodology to ensure that all students will achieve a level of mastery of Mathematics. Building upon the foundation principles laid in earlier years, our Senior School Math program further challenges students to explore advanced mathematical concepts, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills essential for higher-level education and real-world applications.

Through seamless integration of conceptual understanding and practical problem-solving, we strive to nurture mathematically proficient and confident learners prepared for the challenges of the future.

Learning Area Purpose:

The Mathematics Program equips learners to:
  • develop mathematical thinking and attitude.
  • use mathematical processes for problem-solving.
  • engage in mathematical challenges and discussions.
  • understand the relevance and need for mathematics in the real world.

Key Learning Experiences:

  • Singapore Math Methodology for Grades 1-6: At Ekya Schools we use this methodology to foster deep understanding through a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach (CPA) and the ability to nurture problem-solving skills and mathematical fluency for a strong foundation in the learning area.
  • MLS- Math Learning Solution for Grades 1-6: We use an adaptive learning platform that personalizes instruction which engages students with interactive exercises and real-world applications for reinforcement of concepts.
  • Mathematical Processes: The focus is on building a mathematical mindset using processes such as problem-solving, reasoning, heuristics and communication through a structured approach.
  • Transition to Middle School and Senior School:The transition from Singapore Math to the Math curriculum is a smooth and enriching experience for students. The CPA understanding, problem-solving, and mathematical processes align seamlessly with the Middle and Senior School Math curriculum's focus on visual representation, conceptual understanding, and mathematical thinking. Based on their stream preference in Grade 11, students have the option to choose between Mathematics(Science) and Applied Mathematics(Commerce and Humanities)

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