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Discover the Mathematics Program at Ekya

Learning Area Purpose

The Mathematics program equips learners to:
  • Develop mathematical thinking and attitude
  • Use mathematical processes for problem-solving
  • engage in mathematical challenges and discussions
  • At Ekya, our Mathematics program is designed to foster the development of mathematical thinking and cultivate a positive attitude towards the subject. We believe that learning mathematics is not just about memorising formulas and solving equations but about equipping students with the necessary skills and mindset to become problem-solvers.
  • Through our math program, students engage in mathematical practices that go beyond routine calculations. They are encouraged to think critically, analyse patterns, and apply logical reasoning to tackle complex problems. By embracing mathematical practices, our students develop resilience, creativity, and the ability to approach challenges with confidence.
  • Mathematical challenges and discussions play a central role in our program. We provide students with opportunities to grapple with challenging problems, encouraging them to explore multiple approaches and collaborate with their peers. Through these experiences, students develop perseverance, teamwork, and the ability to communicate and justify their mathematical thinking effectively.
  • We emphasise the relevance of mathematics in the real world, helping students understand its practical applications and importance in various fields. Our curriculum incorporates real-world examples and scenarios that demonstrate how mathematical concepts are used in everyday life and across different disciplines. By making these connections, students gain a deeper appreciation for the power and significance of mathematics.
  • At Ekya, our math program goes beyond textbook learning. It instills in students a genuine passion for mathematics, nurtures their problem-solving skills, and equips them with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly quantitative world. Through engaging lessons, interactive activities, and meaningful discussions, we aim to develop mathematically competent individuals who can confidently apply their knowledge and skills in real-world contexts.
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