Unlocking a World of Opportunities:
Discover the Quest at Ekya

Learning Area Purpose

The Quest program equips our young learners to:

  • Cultivate a mind of curiosity and inquiry.
  • Participate in various sensorial and stimulating experiences.
  • Critically think and make sense of the information given to them.
  • The Quest curriculum inspires little learners to explore the world around them with open minds and endless curiosity. Our program creates an educational adventure that sparks a lifelong love of learning through inquiry-based learning, engaging experiences, and critical thinking.
  • Quest lessons provide diverse experiences, encouraging students to approach each topic from different angles and perspectives. Through each lesson, we equip students with the skills to make sense of the information presented to them. By analysing, evaluating, and synthesising information, students develop the ability to think independently and critically about the topics they explore.
  • Our program provides students with various sensory and stimulating experiences. From hands-on experiments to interactive discussions, we engage students in immersive learning experiences that capture their imagination and keep them captivated. By involving all their senses, we ensure that learning becomes a multisensory adventure.
  • At Ekya, we believe in cultivating a mind of curiosity and inquiry. Through the Quest program, students are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and seek answers. We foster a sense of wonder about the social, natural, and physical world, empowering students to be active seekers of knowledge.
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