The Deep Dive Program at Ekya Schools offers a diverse range of academic and cultural enrichment courses designed to cater to the unique learning interests of students in grades K-12. It serves as a dynamic space for exploration, creativity, and fun.

Our program features an array of micro-courses covering a broad spectrum of topics, such as Financial Literacy, Stop Motion Animation, Forensic Science, Storytelling, Creative Writing, Farm-to-table, Contemporary Science, and more. These courses are facilitated by multiple stakeholders of our school community, including Parents from the Ekya Community!
Through the 4-6 week duration of the program, students embark on a unique academic journey, challenging themselves in novel ways. By embracing new experiences and having agency in their learning, students cultivate the mindset of lifelong learners, equipped with the confidence and enthusiasm to pursue their passions beyond the classroom.
  • Micro Courses
  • Exploratory
  • Student Interest
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