Design Thinking - A Pioneer In The Use Of Design Thinking In Education.

At Ekya Schools, we use Design Thinking as part of the curriculum to enable our students to be problem solvers in the real world. Through Design thinking challenges, students learn to work with multiple perspectives, access and make sense of information, apply critical thinking and intuition, iteratively learn from failure and create solutions that integrate both ideation and empathy. Ekya Schools has a unique toolkit that supports the Design Thinking Process. The toolkit enables students to experience each creative process in the context of problem-solving with empathy as the key aspect of the process. Toolkit: Link
The Design Thinking Timeline: At Ekya Schools, large-scale Design Thinking workshops have been conducted across campuses. 2015-16: Design Thinking at Ekya School ITPL. Problem Statement: “How might we create solutions for the growing garbage problem in Bangalore to improve the lives of local citizens?” 2016-17: Design Thinking at Ekya JP Nagar Problem Statement: “How might we create solutions to better integrate Bangalore's elderly into our society?” 2018-19: Design Thinking at Ekya Schools- ITPL, JP Nagar and BTM Layout: Problem Statement: “How might we create solutions to help citizens in Bengaluru lead a healthier lifestyle?” 2022-23: Design Thinking at Ekya Schools- ITPL, JP Nagar and BTM Layout: Problem Statement: “How might we make recycling more accessible to the citizens of Bengaluru?” 2023-24: Design Thinking at Ekya’s Find Festival: For Schools across Bangalore.


Smart Bin

Students designed a ‘smart bin’ that rewards people who segregate waste and put them into the right bins.

Garbage Scanner

Students, in this project, designed a scanner that will help scan garbage and tell citizens in which bin they should dispose the garbage.

Dust App

Students designed an app that allows citizens to locate garbage bins around their homes. The garbage bins are fitted with sensors that have shutters that keep them closed, especially beneficial during rainy seasons and preventing unpleasant odours.

Crew Aider

Students created a device that would help the elderly who had problems related to hand and arm movements and could not sign documents/ hold pens or pencils. The device was designed to hold a strap fixed to a frame that would support the wrist of the person who needs to sign/ write.

Energy Tracks

Students designed a track to be placed on footpaths that will use the energy from the track to turn street lights on. They encouraged the need for the elderly to walk and keep fit. They also designed special wheelchairs that move on these tracks as well.

The E-Pill Reminder!

The E-pill reminder was designed to help the elderly to take their medicines regularly. The students developed insights based on personal experiences at home and decided to ease their arduous process of taking multiple tablets. The E-pill reminder is designed to send a message on their phones and lights would blink in the box itself to indicate which one to take.

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