I remember the times,

I used to feel,

Life is always going to be,

Lived this freely.

But then came a Virus,

To prove me wrong,

For months, we got shut in our homes,

During “the great lockdown”.

Never did I think,

That a day would come,

When we wouldn’t know,

How long we’d be staying at home.

We had been thinking about taking a break,

For me-time, for hobbies, for following passions,

The time finally came, when nothing and no one,

Could distract us from getting into action.

Vacation was something we used to crave for,

But somehow it isn’t nearly the same,

Anymore, when we know not how,

Things could suddenly change.

Now we’ve got online assignments,

And no time to play,

Didn’t know that tenth grade,

Was going to go this way.

There were times, when we could move around freely,

When we did just fine without masks or perfect hygiene,

When we could step out without reason,

And it was all part of our routine.

I remember now,

How we took all that for granted,

Now every memory is so precious,

And those times are wanted.

Life took me by surprise,

But it made me realise,

That everything in life

 Is actually, a blessing, a prize.

(This poem has been written in the context of the global lockdown and my thoughts on it)


Urja Srivastava

Grade 10

Ekya School, JP Nagar

Posted by Ekya

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