Her hands through my hair, 

Weaving through strands of gold, 

Formed an intricate pattern, only she could bear. 

Ridding me of all my insecurity, 

Only she knew how to make me feel pretty.

All the ice creams and candies after dark, 

The games she’d plan to make me play,

And the walks and strolls in the park. 

When feeling sad or lonely, 

I didn’t have to worry, I always had someone to hold me. 

She knew me inside and out, 

Held answers to all my unasked questions,

We had a love that knew no bound.

All those sweet, fun and ecstatic moments we shared.

And she always cared.

She wouldn’t let anyone hurt me, no one dared;

It all made perfect sense, 

there was no right, wrong or fair.

But fate was twisted,

And before we knew it;

the moments slipped into memories.

Now as I sit in this room, 

The walls echoing her musical laugh;

She was one of a kind – a different craft,

But now all that I have left

is a photograph.

By Misha Raichandani

Grade 9A, Ekya School, JP Nagar

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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