Online teaching is not always easy,

Online teaching is not always fun.

Endless hours of planning,

To help us in our learning.

Happy and cheerful,

Cautious and careful.

My teachers are the best,

They never ever rest.

They come to class with a smile,

And if students are late they wait a while.

They approach us with a positive attitude,

And tirelessly teach us on longitudes and latitudes!

Each day with a smile they greet,

With enthusiasm,  students  they meet.

They give us support and cheers,

Their memories will be with us for years.

Teachers with their wisdom and grace,

Undoubtedly make our world a better place. 

So on this teacher’s day, let’s pay tribute to all our teachers,

In whom are worlds nestle, 

As they are truly special.

Happy Teachers Day.


Prisheta Ravi Murugan,

Grade 6, Ekya Byrathi

Posted by Ekya

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