I work tirelessly day and night

For freedom i will fight

I put others ahead of me

My country, it will be free

If it is war i will go

I will and i must move against my foe

If i must give my life, i will

My country is exploited and my foe will pay the bill

If peace is the answer

It is better for us, him and her

Billion is more than one,

I will fight for others, my family and son.

If i must stand alone i will willingly do

If i must fight alongside others i will do to

For it’s not about me

My country, it shall be free

I will run through the deserts

I won’t be stopped by emotion opinions or hurts

With every step, there is only one goal  in my mind

My country, freedom it shall find

When i run my final race

I will with a smile on my face

For at the end of the day

I bought freedom closer to the bay

My actions are for my mother land

The one who shelters us in her hand

For it is not about me

My country, it shall be free


Hithanshu Dhandhania

Grade 6

Ekya School, JP Nagar

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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