In this virtual schooling, Ekya has newly come up with the family ties program every week. My family loves this activity as it involves hands-on experience, fun, exploring and learning activities. I eagerly wait every week for the family ties activities. The school makes sure that they don’t repeat the activities, every week they come up with different ideas. They share 2 activities a week, which includes reading, healthy drink, craft, art, videos on self awareness etc… My son enjoys doing these activities with me, his father and his brother. We share many things while we are into this, also it’s an opportunity to teach my son while we learn. After this program, my son loves to prepare smoothies. He has become independent and makes excellent smoothies these days.
Thank you Ekya!                                          3 D Butterfly Life Cycle activity by Sehej and Sujan 


Ms.Suhasini.S (Parent of Sehej, Grade 3, Ekya ITPL)

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