We talk about,

The million things,

Wrong, out

There in the world.

What do we do about it?

Absolutely nothing.

We talk about how society,

Can sometimes confine us,

With its tags and labels,

And how that’s so frustrating.

But who makes a society?

We do.

We talk about how helping people,

Without expecting anything in return, is a kind deed,

How sharing is caring,

And a great thing indeed.

Do people really apply this in practicality?

All that selflessly?

We talk about not judging,

Each other, for looks, are superficial,

Then why is it that we all look at the mirror,

And grimace, at what is beautiful and real.

When will we stop? Learn to overlook our flaws,

And everybody else’s? 

We aren’t perfect, we all know it!

So why not just skip to the good side?

We say so much, we listen too much,

But do? So little.

We find the world a dark place, 

But don’t give a thought to making it bright.

We see all wrongs,

But turn a blind eye,

Making no effort whatsoever,

To free ourselves of the biggest label we will ever possess-

That of a ‘HYPOCRITE’.

In the end, we are all just stories,

They say,

Don’t let yours be one of a hypocrite,

I say.


Urja Srivastava

Grade 10A, Ekya JP Nagar

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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