The parent observation is an opportunity for the child to share with their parents the dynamic picture of what life is like in a Montessori classroom – teachers, learning materials, as well as the less tangible atmosphere that is the ‘home’ for the child for so much of his or her working day. The parent observation helps build a relationship between parents and teachers to help the child develop well academically, emotionally, and socially. That’s why, at Ekya, parent observations and parent-teacher conferences are conducted twice a year, one in term 1 and another in term-2. These events play a critical role in creating a mutually beneficial partnership between the parent, child, and teachers to help make the most of the child’s development and educational experience.

Our Term-2 Parent observation and a parent-teacher conference were held on 15th February and 22nd February respectively. As the children presented their learnings to their parents, our teachers and parents had some fruitful conversations regarding the progress of the child. The feedback shared by the parents after the conference was very encouraging and we look forward to a continued partnership with our parents.


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