Mixing five classic elements, different in feature,

God prepared a dish and named it nature.

He decorated it up from north pole to south pole,

Filled it with life, and blessed it with a soul.

The soul was named human really a wonder,

A body was granted so intricate and tender.

God bestowed on human a gift, nature,

To protect it in present, to preserve it for future.

Human enjoyed the macrocosm, and found solace,

Respected it, worshiped it as a sacred place.

He lived, procreated, and continued generations,

But loyalty to nature declined over successions.

Now human has reached the point of no return,

Destroying fellow creatures, playing satan.

Trying to gain control on everything around,

Being wise by penny, but foolish by pound.

Human never realized nature’s potential,

Living in delusion that his power is torrential.

If nature shows fury, causes natural calamities,

Human will suffer genocide, enormous fatalities.

Human has forgotten the lessons that God taught him,

Eventually, would pay price for his fancies and whim.

If human race is to survive, sustain, and see progress,

From responsibilities towards nature, it cannot digress

Its high time human learnt to maintain harmony

Between him and nature, to do away with agony

Respect to nature will earn humans ages to live

Nature has options, human has no alternative

Cooperation and coexistence if favored the most

Sure in human’s name will nature propose a toast.


Joshitha Rani,

Grade 10

Ekya School, JP Nagar

Posted by Ekya

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