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#EkyaCommunityConnect- Together As One

The Community Connect Program was conceptualized and launched immediately post Covid-19 lockdown to support our students and their loved ones during a difficult period. Our dedicated staff worked around the clock to provide a plethora of activities to not only...

/ May 22, 2020

WEP 2019 – Experience/Learning – C A Rachana, Grade 11

The Work Exposure Program(WEP) 2019 has concluded successfully. There is a lot of learning that happened for our students interning in various companies and NGOs, during this summer vacation. The excitement cannot be confined, and they are happy to share snippets...

/ May 20, 2019

The Story Behind Talento – a Talent Search/Hosting App Developed by Students of CMRNPS

In a city like Bangalore, a lot of people drop the idea of joining a class or a coaching program because of the commute, the time it involves and the stress from traffic congestions. Not only do people have packed...

/ July 14, 2018