The Work Exposure Program(WEP) 2019 has concluded successfully. There is a lot of learning that happened for our students interning in various companies and NGOs, during this summer vacation. The excitement cannot be confined, and they are happy to share snippets about their experience at WEP 2019. Here is an account of C A Rachana, Grade 11, CMRNPS, interning at Photo Mojo, a leading Photo, and Videography company that strives towards one underlying purpose – the art of visual storytelling.

First Thoughts.

When I was offered an internship by Photomojo, all I could think of was the fact that this would be a wonderful opportunity to get out into the real world and learn something. I knew it would be a chance to broaden my knowledge, meet new people and acquaintances. The experience was bound to put me out of my comfort zone, help me expand, learn the best possible way to communicate effectively. The internship would expose me to what the world wanted from a writer and a designer and how to put forward the most concise and eloquent content.

The Experience.

Despite all these expectations I had gathered, my experience at Photomojo was something I could have never imagined and in the best possible way. I never expected to walk out from the artistic office of Photo Mojo in Jayanagar with lifelong friendships, acquaintances, learnings and most importantly memories I would never forget.

The very first day I was captivated by the artistic office of Photo Mojo that calmed my nerves strangely. I met my fellow interns and we all bonded over our shared first-day nerves. I was the only intern there for blogging, but never felt left out. Mayur Sir is an amazing person and my mentor over the course of my internship. He was ever patient with all of us and explained in detail about photography. He was the one who gave me pointers on how to capture my reader’s attention and not lose them halfway through.

Two other people who were key to my learning experience were Srividya and Hitesh from the creative team. I spent quite a bit of my time with them and Srividya was my guide and mentor to the written word. She set me in the right direction with my articles, provided me with all the necessary sources and references that will help me with my work for years to come.

I learned a lot at WEP 2018 such as; how scripting works, what goes into designing a blog post and behind the scenes of a video shoot. Sitting through a business call and learning about all the adjustments and negotiations that go into a shoot, was an eye-opener.

What impacted me the most and will stay with me for the rest of my life will be something that may appear trivial, but is perhaps the backbone for every creative profession. Every artist should extend their own emotions and perspective towards their work and this is what makes the piece unique.  For someone who wants to pursue a career in architecture and design, this lesson taught by Mayur sir was truly impactful. Emotions are the true essence of human existence and everything we create should be an expression of the same. The importance of every moment, the significance it can hold for a person, truly is something that cannot be expressed with words. The entire session taught me to be more empathetic and observe the tiniest details in everything around me.

This experience left me much more aware and sensitive to the world around me. With this new way to see the world and experiencing beauty in the most unexpected places is something that will never lose its novelty. These four weeks made my summer of 2019 the most memorable one I have ever had, and I am truly grateful to all those who extended this opportunity towards me.

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