Sudeeptha Benya the Grade 12 Commerce topper of Ekya School ITPL with 95%, believes that being attentive in the class has helped her understand the concepts better and makes it easy to clarify the doubts immediately. With an interest in sports, public speaking, dance, her stress buster during exams was music and badminton. Sudeeptha shares her success story with us, read on to know more:

Did you really expect to top the school?

Not really, but I expected good marks as I had performed well in the exams.

Did you have a fixed pattern of study? How did you prepare for the exam?

I do not believe to have a fixed pattern of study. I always focused on being attentive in the class and understanding each and every concept taught by the teachers. I tried to clear my doubts as much as possible and revised all the topics at home thoroughly.

Do solving old question papers help?

Yes, it helps in getting a hang of the question pattern, important questions frequently asked in exams and also helps in time management.

What was your day like during the study holidays?

During the study holidays, I would practice sums and revise the concepts. I took enough breaks to calm and relax.

What was your coping mechanism during the exams? what was your stress-buster?

Listening to music really helped me in coping with the exam stress. I would also play badminton to keep me refreshed.

What was the highlight of your success?

Practice, Hard work, and Consistency helped me in doing well.

And in the age of digital distractions, did you have to stay away from gadgets for the month,

Not at all, but I just limited the use of it.

How did Ekya help in your preparation for the Boards?

The teachers provided us with old question papers and sample papers. They cleared doubts and were patient in explaining the concepts again and again.

How did it feel with the spotlight on you?

It feels good.

The success mantra that you want to share with other students?

Give time for self-study. Work Hard, be Consistent, manage your time properly and practice whatever you learn.

What are your best memories from College?

School trip to Kolar & Open Day Preparations.


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