Ekya School ITPL had a week-long celebration of World Environment Day. To create awareness among students on the protection of nature for a better quality of life, a series of activities were planned. Environment Day activities were divided grade wise, as below:

Grade 1- Making of biodegradable Coconut Shell Planters:

Grades 2 & 3 – The making of Bird Feeders and Bird House out of shoebox/milk box/ juice carton, etc.

Grades 4 & 5- Recycle Art Sculptures by upcycling waste materials

Grades 6,7,8- Eat and shop local.

Students learned the relevance of eating and shopping from a local food market, they brainstormed and discussed the importance of farm produce. They discussed recipes of the staple food from their state or region.

Grade 9- Created an urban garden

Grade 10 and 12- Plogging in Cubbon Park and spreading awareness

The students of grade 10 and 12 were taken to Bangalore’s famous Cubbon Park for an activity called plogging which ia combination of jogging and picking up litter.

Everyone was very excited and the bus was filled with screams and songs of excitement. Cubbon Park was actually much cleaner and greener than expected. It was filled with greenery and tall trees which protected the students from the scorching sun. We first presented our Hindi street play – the ‘Nukkad Naatak’. It was about planting trees, reducing pollution and about saving the environment. There were many catchy placards and posters displayed about saving the environment.

The visitors of Cubbon Park came to see the play.  The play received a lot of attention and appreciation for its presentation, sense of humor and most importantly for the message that it conveyed. After the play, everyone was eager to spread the message about not littering. To show that we practice what we preach, we quickly wore our gloves, masks and began collecting waste. We collected heaps of waste and disposed of the waste in an eco-friendly way. Meanwhile, people were also walking with banners on saving the environment. We were in Cubbon Park for two hours but we felt that time flew by as we engaged ourselves with various activities. 

At last, as all good things come to an end, we boarded the bus back to school. We felt good about ourselves as we made a difference and contributed to maintaining the environment (even though it was in a small way). All in all, it was a great experience.

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