– Urja Srivastava, Grade 9, Ekya School JP Nagar
“The summer of 2019 was an incredible one for me. I attended this wonderful summer camp called Verbattle Summer Experience. It was all about being a good public orator while also molding our personalities with discipline, punctuality, and cooperation. It was a two-week course filled with activities of various sorts; from student elections to making travel packages; from dramas to debates, all these diverse activities were aimed at improving our communication skills.
The first week was all about improving our loudness, clarity, confidence and body language. We were also taught that to be a good leader and to grab everyone’s attention, one needs to be a good team player and listener, have an open mind and hear everyone out.

Day one was about the basics of English pronunciation and getting to know the language better. The following days of the week were a journey- one that instilled confidence, clarity, and attention to detail through different activities. My personal favorite was the student elections. In the election season what better way to understand how democracy works than to have an election of our own? But guess what- this was an election with a twist where everyone was eligible to contest in the elections and was allowed to vote for two different people.

Another really interesting thing about the camp itself was that the groups were changed almost every day- this helped me connect better with every member of the camp and make many new friends. Week two started off with a Shark Tank type activity where each group had to come up with a business idea and advertise it to everyone else to attract maximum investors. Each of us also had one lakh rupees as the basic money to invest in others’ or our own company.

We also got to plan our vacations and had to come up with a travel package for the city assigned to us. To get customers to opt for our plan, we had to convince people through marketing strategies. Our group was successful in having maximum students coming to the ‘City Of Lights- Paris’.

The last few days of the camp were spent debating on a myriad of topics, from pondering upon whether ‘water will be an existent resource a hundred years hence’ to discussing about ‘reading newspapers being a waste of time’; from deciding if ‘music should be a compulsory subject in school’ to convincing the listeners that ‘blue is a pleasant color.’

The finale included teams enthusiastically debating on eclectic topics in front of an appreciative audience of parents. This put a smile on their faces, for, after all, they knew that what they were seeing was a result of two weeks of learnings, improvement, and fun!”

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