Our students were occupied with the Work Exposure Program(WEP) 2019 this summer. our students experienced new learnings while interning in various companies and NGOs, and each one has a story to share. Here is an account of Kanishka Balaji and Elsa Jerry, Grade 11 student of Ekya School ITPL who interned at Advance Education & Computer Services (AECS).

Kanishka Balaji’s account on WEP 2019 experience:

First Thoughts.

I joined as an intern at Advance Education & Computer Services (AECS), I couldn’t help but wonder what we will be learning and how this is going to help me in the future. I hoped that this would give me a taste of how the real world would be and how I have to work hard every day to accomplish something.

The Experience.

I chose AECS as I thought maybe this would be the exposure I will need to develop my skills and knowledge on designing and animation. When I first walked in, I did not know what to expect as it was all new and this was my first internship. I was hoping that this experience would tell me how the real world works and what was expected of me.

At first, as it was all new, I found it a little hard but as the week progressed I gained more knowledge about the subject and the techniques and was so focused that I got all the work done properly and on time. I learned a lot in the internship, I learned to animate an entire scene where we had to actually make the background as well as the main character and we were given a concept which we had to develop. It was really interesting working on it. Another assignment was a car animation which was really fascinating as well. We used Adobe Animate to create everything.

My mentor Mr. Basvaraj knew his subject really well and he taught us in a way that we grasped everything easily. He helped and guided me in every possible way. The most memorable thing about this entire experience would be the people I met there and the knowledge I gained. Our mentors were very encouraging and easy going. My overall experience at AECS was wonderful, I loved every single bit of it. The 6 weeks flew by very fast.

If I had to describe my internship in one word, that word would be “FUN”, but I want to mention that this experience has brought about a lot of changes in me. I have now learned what it is like to be out there in the real world and how people should be treated at their workspace. I learned about teamwork and how we can embrace the talent that lies inside each and every one of us and use it in the best way possible. Even though I was there only for 6 weeks, I acquired a lot of knowledge that I could maybe use in the future.

I would like to thank everyone at AECS especially my mentor as they were the ones who made my experience a pleasant one.

Elsa Jerry talk about her experience at AECS

Ever since my childhood, I was a vivid watcher of animated movies. I watched Shrek and Ice Age growing up. Even now I’m still obsessed over minions so I always wanted to know how to films were made and Animation Arena gave me the opportunity to learn more. But after applying to AECS, I was really nervous whether I will make the cut. Once the offer letter came, I was over the moon! I chose this company not because my major was headed towards that direction, I just wanted to explore graphic design and animation. Fast forward to the first day of the internship, I was genuinely curious about what was I going to do. I wasn’t a declared expert at drawing and probably 60% nervous. The exposure that I had for 6 weeks was eye-opening and so informative because every day I was taught a new skill and when I went home, I could explore all I wanted with the skill. Not to mention I met new people and made some friends too!!

I was put in 2d animation and vfx, we worked with adobe animate. At first, we learned the basic principles of animation and then we learned point perspective drawing and oh my, that was such an eye-opener. After that class, I visualized all of my surroundings in a paper and from a point perspective. I’m visualizing my surroundings too as I write this.

After that, we moved on to working with the software, animate. Initially, we traced pictures of our favorite characters and added the color of our choice than from there it started to get complex, we made a butterfly, we drew every frame of a walking man and we animated it, we also made a car move!

Speaking of the environment we worked in, it was absolutely artistic. In fact, the paintings on the wall were done by my mentor and all the pictures put up on every wall was done by a student. The staff was extremely friendly and the students who were like 5-8 years older to us were curious about how 16-17-year-olds were interning at the arena but all in all, everyone was willing to help and resources are vast.

Every day, we had a class around 12 pm but we had to be there around 10 am., we worked on our homework until class started. Once class was started, we would show our mentor the completed work, he gave us tips on how we could improve our piece. Then after that, we learned a new skill, we would do a sample then create something from that skill and surprise our mentor the next with our work using our creative cells.

After interning at the arena, I’m actually thinking of including graphic design in major, I wanted to add some life to my computer science major! I’m really glad that I got to experience the animation world!

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