WIth our schools opening their doors soon, summer stories of our students have been trickling down all week. Here is Janhvi Agrawal, from Grade 6 of Ekya School ITPL talking about how she learned yoga and pranayama over the last month:

This summer, I went to my maternal grandmother’s house in Jaipur in the early week of April. I had so much fun there as expected. We were back from there by mid-April.

After returning I had plenty of days on my vacation. So I thought of utilizing that time constructively. There was a course specially designed for kids, scheduled to start in the first week of May. It used to be called Art Excel (All Round Training) Excel now it is called Utkarsh Yoga. Some of my friends also joined this course.

The course taught me about yoga, pranayama, simple warm-up exercises, and meditation. Our teacher was very friendly with us. She taught us good moral values, the importance of nutritious food and golden keys to life. We played many team games in the course. We learned how to overcome stage fear. We got to know how to approach people without fear and make new friends.

Overall the course was very engaging and interesting. They also told us to do yoga & pranayama daily. For that, they gave us a 45 days challenge. In this challenge, we need to do our practice for 45 days continuously and send them thumbs up on their WhatsApp group after we have done it for that day. If you miss on a day, then you restart the count!

I have completed 20 days without missing a single day and I intend to do so forever and ever!

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