Ms. Purvi from Ekya School ITPL wrote to us, as part of our summer stories submission, telling us that she hadn’t been to any place in particular but she spent her summer writing poetry which she wishes to share with us. Here are some of her endearing collection of poems:


Stars are tiny and shiny
Stars always twinkle
They are in different shapes and
they look so different like us
Stars form up to different
Sun is also a star


Flowers flowers are everywhere
They bloom like beauty
They never lose their brightness
Flowers make the environment beautiful
All beautiful flowers are around us
like lotus, rose, marigold and tulips

We will be good

We will be good all the time
Because we are quite
And we listen to the teacher
And we never break the rules
And we be kind to others
And we share everything to others
And we don’t hurt anyone
And we finish our work very fast and neat
And we should help everybody around
Us and we should listen to everybody

You should try

You should try for everything you do
And you don’t fail
And don’t forget one thing you should try and try and try
And try your best to win a race or competition
And don’t be sad when you don’t win
Try your best next time to win
And don’t forget another thing
Don’t think you cannot do it
You should try and try and try and try and try


Rain come, come, come
You are the best creature of the earth
You make that you make this you it beautiful
Everyone likes your skill and smell
Plants like your water, birds dance,
Humans dance
First make it wet then muddy
Then waterfall
You are one of the best waterfalls
Rain, rain come come

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