When we asked our children how they were spending their summer break, Ridha Manoj and Varnit Hegde, Montessori Seniors at Ekya School JP Nagar wrote to us about their recent trip they took to Sri Lanka with their friends.

After consulting their mothers for grammatical checks and spelling corrections, Ridha and Varnit proceeded to narrate to us their day-to-day experience from the trip, in one of the most amusing Ekya summer stories we have received. Here are the excerpts from their conversation,

Varnit: I miss Sri Lanka so much. What a fun trip it was! Wasn’t it, Ridha?

Ridha: Oh yes! I cannot believe we did a baby-mommy trip with our school friends! Especially with Vivaan & Lavishka! I loved how the tour guide welcomed us on our arrival with all our names on the welcome board. I felt so special!

Varnit: I know right? When my mother told me to look at the board, I could not stop jumping with joy on finding my name. And off we went with him, to our big pink bus!

Ridha: I could not believe that the whole big bus was going to be carrying only us – 6 kids and our 5 mommies and drive us down the coastal line of South Sri Lanka. I was anxiously waiting to reach our first destination, Hikkaduwa. Oh! What a beautiful seaside town it was!

Varnit: Hikka-Duwa, the name is so unique. I wonder what it means! Remember the next morning, at the resort how your mother launched us, one after the other on the waves that were approaching the shore? I felt like a fish!

Ridha: Oh my mommy! She loves the sea! But, I wanted to play longer. Wonder why we had to go back to the room so soon!

Varnit: C’mon Ridha, you know we had a big itinerary planned for the day! The moonstone mines, the backwaters, and the Turtle Hatchery.

Ridha: The Moonstone Mines astonished me! I could not believe my ears when I heard that the miner went down 20 ft underwater to hunt for those stones, they later made into such beautiful jewels. How could they even spot anything in that dark? It is so dangerous, isn’t it?

Varnit:  Oh yes Ridha, pretty scary indeed! By the way, The Turtle Hatchery was my favourite! Remember the 100-year-old Turtle? So humongous!

Ridha: Yes, I loved feeding that one. Also, those little baby turtles were so cute to hold. They fluttered their legs like they had wings and would fly away!

Varnit: Oh then came this moment of exploring the backwaters. I didn’t know I would get so terrified of the boat ride. But as we sailed further in, I enjoyed the journey.

Ridha: I loved standing at the bow of the boat with Lavishka and Vivaan. We screamed every time the boat went faster than before.  And then we entered into this tunnel, which was so similar to the one in the movie, Jumanji. What an adventure I tell you!

Varnit: That was a mangrove! I also remember the boatman calling it a lagoon.

Ridha: Yes! Yes! The lagoon!  That part of the boat ride was so thrilling. And then I heard a sudden shout of the boatman. When I looked behind to see him, I spotted him holding a transparent gooey thing in his hand. And voila! It was a jellyfish!

Varnit: It wiggled in his hands! And then when he found another one, I thought it looked like a kiwi.

Ridha: Green transparent body with the black spots, sure looked like it belonged to the Kiwi family!

The most interesting part was when we approached the Cinnamon island. It was like a fairytale when I heard, that, a single family lived on the entire island. It reminded me of the movie, Moana!

Varnit: Yes! An interesting life they have! Although, I would want to say, that I absolutely found it a relief getting back to the shore. Thank God, for the train I spotted running on the overbridge that ran across the backwaters. A sigh of relief it was amidst the scary boat ride that it was!

Ridha: (Laughing) Come on Varnit! The boat ride wasn’t as scary as the one at our next halt – Mirissa, the Southernmost tip of Sri Lanka, where we went whale watching. Now that one was a real adventurous boat ride!

Varnit: Oh yes! A little double-decker boat that went deep into the sea! The way the boat bounced, I only prayed that it should not topple.

Ridha: My mother did the same, kept praying! But I was too excited, waiting to spot a whale and thus it didn’t’ worry me at all.

After a point, all of you fell asleep. I was bored and thought we would not spot any sea animal. Ma, also tired of looking around, was slowly dozing off. It was a good two hours that we were inside the sea and had spotted nothing. Then I suddenly heard the ship guide call out from the bow. Up came three dolphins and they swiftly went back into the sea.

Varnit: Oh yes! That was just when I woke up to see this beautiful show the creatures put up. After some time came the killer whales that were spotted far away from our boat.

Ridha: And just when our boatman was happy that his job for the day was done and prepared to turn back, to head to the shore – he noticed a spray of water on the surface of the sea. He yelled out saying that it was a whale!

Varnit: Oh yeah! The blue whale! And all the tourists’ boats went rushing towards it, to get a clearer view of the fish.

Ridha: I have read in my book, ‘All About Water Mammals’, that a blue whale comes to the surface of the water to breathe and then goes back swimming a deeper into the ocean.

I did not enjoy the fact that all the boats went into the water chasing after that fish. The boats were not letting her breathe. She must have been so hassled.

While we stood at the bow with our mothers, I told my Ma to request the boat guy to go back to the shore. I did not want to trouble those creatures anymore. It made me sad!

Varnit: So true right? I was longing to go back to the shore, anyway. It had been four and a half hours by the time we reached back. I was hungry!

Mommy told me that we had to get ready for Colombo the next morning, which was the last leg of our trip. I was a little sad that when we reach there but you got to meet your old friend at the airport on our return to India.

Ridha: Yes. It was nice. I think spending time looking at the landing and taking off of various flights at the airport was the best way to end our memorable trip! Let us hope to do one again soon!

Varnit: Maybe for our next summer vacations. 🙂

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