Isha Abhijit Joshi is our science topper in Grade12 CBSE. She has a great interest in computer programming and enjoys singing. An amateur poet who believes that hard work is the secret to her success. Here is the success story of Isha;

The Study Schedule and Exam Preparation

I worked towards understanding each concept by going through the textbook thoroughly and solving some questions. Solving old question papers helped to a great extent. It is a very important part of preparing for board exams. Solving question papers will not only help you understand the difficulty level of questions but it also helps in time management. I would set aside 3 hours in the morning for solving question papers every day. I spent my evenings revising difficult topics.

Coping with Exam Stress

I ensured to set aside adequate time for a good night’s sleep as well as for some exercise. Music was a great stress-buster during the exams. A 20-minute walk was also enough to help me rejuvenate. Gadgets helped me communicate with my peers in order to clear doubts or discuss topics. However, I ensured that my screen time was limited.

Guidance & Support

The Ekya teachers were very supportive. They helped me in every way they could and their guidance was invaluable. I worked very hard for the board exams and with the help of my teachers and the support of my family, I could achieve this success. To end my schooling on such a great note was gratifying and overwhelming.

Word of Advice

Study regularly and sincerely. Take care of your health and more importantly, believe in yourself.

Moment of Joy

I did not expect to top the school but only concentrated on working hard and giving my hundred percent towards my preparation. It feels immensely overwhelming. This only inspires me to work harder and put in my best efforts into everything I do.


These two years have been full of new experiences. I not only got the opportunity to take part in various campaigns and events, but I also had the opportunity to serve the school as the Head Girl. I am very thankful for these wondrous opportunities.

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